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The Belgravia Centre Shampoo and Conditioner Range


The Belgravia Centre’s line of concentrated treatment shampoos and conditioners are intended to ensure optimum health and vitality of both the hair and scalp. They are all paraben-free and each is carefully formulated for not only a specific hair type, but a particular scalp type as well, and are provided within most of Belgravia’s comprehensive hair loss treatment programmes.

Any non-clients wishing to purchase products from this professional range for home-use should contact the centre directly to arrange.

The Belgravia Centre's Shampoo and Conditioner Range

Details of Belgravia’s shampoo and conditioner range


B1 Shampoo

B1 Concentrated Treatment Shampoo
Hair: Dry, Porous, Over-Processed
Scalp: Normal to dry condition


B2 Shampoo

B2 Concentrated Treatment Shampoo
Hair: Normal to oily, Fine hair
Scalp: Oily condition


B3 ShampooB3 Concentrated Treatment Shampoo
Hair: Normal
Scalp: Normal condition


B4 ShampooB4 Medicated Treatment Shampoo
Hair: All hair types
Scalp: Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Stubborn dandruff


B5 ShampooB5 Concentrated Treatment Shampoo
Hair: Afro/Caribbean, Dry, Porous or Over Processed
Scalp: Normal to dry


B6 ConditionerB6 Concentrated Treatment Conditioner
Hair: Dry, Porous, Over-Processed, and Afro/Caribbean hair
Scalp: Dry / Normal


B7 ConditionerB7 Concentrated Treatment Conditioner
Hair: All hair types
Scalp: Normal

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