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Female Hair Loss Success: “…I followed your instructions which resulted in an excellent outcome…”

I must admit, it was more in hope than in faith when, after surfing the internet, I contacted the Belgravia Clinic.  Being advised by you to use treatment assiduously, I followed your instructions which, I must say, resulted in an excellent outcome.

Though I will never be likened to Rapunzel, gone are the days when I went around thinking ‘I wonder if they are noticing how thin my hair is on top’.  To celebrate I have bought myself a lovely hairslide!

Please put a tick against my name – your own as well.

Thank you so much,

Sarah Anne

Sarah does not have any photo-scans as she is a non-visiting patient who contacted Belgravia via our on-line diagnostic form.

Diagnosis: Female Pattern Hair Loss

Treatment Course:
Minoxidil 4% + MPG
Hair Vitalics

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