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Temporal Hair Loss and How to Stop Balding

Worried About Temporal Hair Loss? Learn How To Stop The Balding ProcessHair loss is something that the majority of the male population has to deal with at one stage or another, but you can fight baldness if you know the early signs to look for – such as temporal hair loss – and even reverse the effects with treatments that are clinically proven to help stop and prevent the balding process. 

The first sign of male hair loss likely to occur is a receding hairline, particularly at the temporal area above the eyebrows, an area commonly referred to as the “widow’s peak”. However, even though most cases of hair loss are genetic, there is no single blueprint that is indicative of male pattern baldness. Some men might experience overall thinning or the gradual appearance of a bald spot on the crown, as opposed to temporal hair loss, or even a combination of all three.

Balding ManOften the younger you are when you start to lose hair is indicative of how much more hair loss is likely to come. While some men won’t begin to notice the signs until they’re in their 50s, there are many who suffer temporal hair loss in their early 20s. The Norwood Scale is often used as guideline to pinpoint the stage of hair loss a man is at. The general pattern of baldness, according to this scale, sees two areas of thinning – the temporal are and the crown – gradually enlarge and join together until the entire front, top and crown of the scalp are bald.

If you’re likely to worry about hair loss, it is essential to start treatment as early as possible to counter the effects, particularly in cases where temporal hair loss is the main concern. Not everyone will go through all seven stages of the Norwood Scale, but knowing how far along the balding process you are will help specialists formulate a treatment programme that is most likely to help regrow any lost hair and stop further hair loss from occurring.

Temporal Hairline RegrowthTemporal recession is usually the most stubborn area of hair loss to rectify but it is not impossible. If the area has gone smooth – in other words, is completely bald – it is unlikely that there will be a non-surgical solution. However, there is treatment for temporal hair loss that has been shown to provide the best results.

There are a host of hair loss remedies that claim to be the leading solution, however, there are the only two products to have undergone large scale clinical trials and shown sufficient evidence to be effective in stabilising hair loss and restoring lost hair. Propecia and minoxidil are MHRA-licensed and FDA-approved for the prevention and treatment of hair loss and any effective management plan should involve at least one of these two products. Many men often experience the best results when the two proven treatments are used jointly and complimented by a range of hair growth booster products.

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