Q&A: Teenager's Holiday Hair Loss - What Can We Do?


Sarah Hammond

A Good Hairdresser Can Recommend Products To Protect Hair In Swimming PoolsQuestion: My 15 year old is experiencing a sudden loss of hair when we go to our holiday home in the Caribbean. It happened at Easter and it is happening again now. She is swimming in a chlorinated pool but doesn’t spend a lot of time in direct sun. What can we do?

Answer: More information is required for an accurate diagnosis. However, if your daughter has afro hair, or particularly dry hair, then prolonged exposure to chlorinated water can cause severe breakage which leads to the appearance of thinning hair. This won't cause permanent hair loss but, if left unattended, the damaged hair will continue to become weaker and more susceptible to environmental damage such as wind and UV rays. You can ask a good hairdresser to recommend a product to help protect the hair in the swimming pool. If you consult a hair salon they should be able to tell you a product specifically designed to protect your daughter's hair type.

The Belgravia Centre does offer free consultations for hair thinning and hair loss, but this sounds more like something a hairdresser would be able to help with. Please note that the prescriptive treatment we offer for hair loss in women (ie. Minoxidil) is only licensed for those aged 16 and over.

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