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Taking Propecia May Not Be Enough To Save Your Hairline

receding hairline belgravia centreWhen it comes to treating hair loss, many men believe that incorporating Propecia into their daily routine gives them the best shot at halting hair loss and preventing the need for a hair transplant for as long as possible. However, whilst Propecia is highly effective as a means to treat all-over thinning hair atop the scalp, because it does not target specific areas of hair loss, it may not be the best to treat a receding hairline.

Targeted Treatment

To treat a receding hairline in the most effective way possible it is important to use a product that can target the area of stubborn thinning. Whilst liquid drips around the scalp, a cream or foam can be applied to the areas you are most worried about.

Minoxidil, unlike the tablet Propecia, is a topical treatment that allows for highly targeted application. Both medications have been licensed by the MHRA and approved by the FDA (the UK and US medical regulatory bodies) and are highly complementary due to working in different ways.

Whilst Propecia blocks DHT, the hormone that causes follicular miniaturisation atop the scalp, minoxidil works by stimulating regrowth where it’s applied, making it an ideal solution for a receding hairline. Because hairlines can recede relatively rapidly, it’s worth starting treatment as soon as your male pattern hair loss has been diagnosed as opposed to when it becomes overly noticeable.

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Unique Approach: High Strength Minoxidil

Treating hair loss early can mean that more hair is retained, a much easier solution than trying to grow very thin areas back. That said, hair can generally be regrown providing that the area has not become completely shiny and bald, as at this point the follicles have scarred.

Minoxidil and Propecia can treat hair loss and regrow hair. Used alongside a number of treatment boosters, results can be further improved, whilst also improving the health and vitality of the hair and scalp.

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