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Surveys Reveal Attitudes to Male Hair Loss

Bald Man with woman The Belgravia CentreTwo new hair loss surveys have revealed the varying opinions and attitudes towards male hair loss in the UK and Ireland – and the difference in results is quite striking!

Hair and physical attraction in Ireland

The first survey, conducted in Ireland, highlighted the role that hair plays when making an assessment of overall physical attractiveness. A third of the ladies questioned rated good hair as one of the top three factors of sexual appeal, showing just how highly it ranks on the female radar.

On the positive side, the female respondents were particularly fond of grey hair, with many using to the term ‘silver fox’ as to explain their appreciation. This is great news for men whose hair is beginning to show signs of ageing.

However, less encouraging for Irish men was the finding that nearly 40% of women admitted that it would “bother” them if their partner began to lose hair.

Interestingly, half of the male participants suggested that their preferred solution to a receding hair line or thinning crown would be to simply shave their head. Judging by the female response to hair loss, it seems that this is a solution that their partners would not be particularly supportive of!

Findings in the UK

The second, UK based survey showed that attitudes towards hair loss on this side of the Irish Sea are somewhat less hardline, with 84% of women claiming that hair loss would not diminish their attraction to their partner.

Despite this reassuring finding, it seems that British males are still concerned about potential balding. The other major finding of the research, which was conducted by WatchMyWallet.co.uk, was that 71% of British men were worried about losing their hair.

Although there appears to be little correlation between women’s attitudes to hair loss in Britain and Ireland, the concern voiced by men appears to be universal. Of the men questioned, 93% of men admitted that if money was no object, they would undergo a hair transplant operation like Wayne Rooney – but what they may not know is that there is a wide range of less drastic but very effective hair loss treatments available.

A happier medium for men and women?

The hair loss experts at The Belgravia Centre offer an alternative solution which should satisfy men and women, whether they live in mainland Britain or Ireland. Rather than shaving heads or undergoing costly (and unpredictable) hair transplant surgery, hair loss can be halted and reversed using a personalised treatment plan.

By assessing the specific needs of our patients, we can create a plan built on clinically approved medications, such as Propecia and Minoxidil. We also offer complementary therapies such as the FDA-cleared Laser Comb and our custom Hair Vitalics dietary supplement, to enhance regrowth.

Treatment plans created by The Belgravia Centre have led to tens of thousands of people experiencing significant hair regrowth – you can read many of their success stories in our online archive. Better yet, our plans can be posted anywhere in the UK, Ireland or beyond thanks to our online diagnostic service, although we do offer no obligation appointments at our clinic as well. Why not contact us online or call 0800 077 6666 to get your personalised hair regrowth treatment plan underway?

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