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Super Bowl XLV Sees ‘Hair Transplant Sweepstakes’

Anyone with an interest in trans-Atlantic sport may be well aware that the NFL Super Bowl was recently won by the Green Bay Packers. What you may not know is that a winner of a very different kind may be receiving a hair transplant very soon as a result of the American football game’s outcome in Arlington, Texas.

Strange but true, former San Francisco 49ers Tight End John Frank, chose the biggest event in the American sporting calendar to offer the possibly unique ‘Hair Transplant Super Bowl Sweepstakes’. Since retiring from professional football in the late eighties, John Frank, MD, has become a plastic surgeon and hair loss expert with his own hair treatment clinic, the Anapelli Hair Clinic, from which he claims to have carried out over 2,000 hair transplants in New York and California.

Free hair transplant

Now, he has chosen to bring his past and present careers together, to offer a free hair transplant to, ‘the person who comes closest to predicting the final score of NFL Super Bowl XLV.’

Dr Frank explained, “As a doctor, I am always trying to help people. But as a former professional football player that enjoys giving back to the community, I was trying to figure out what unique thing I can do in 2011 … It hit me to create a sweepstakes where I would help out someone that is suffering from hair loss and might not be able to afford a hair restoration procedure.”

The result of the game was Green Bay Packers 31 – Pittsburgh Steelers 25, but it is not yet known if the winning hair loss sufferer has stepped forward to collect their prize. One thing may be certain though, that Dr Frank has achieved far greater publicity for his hair loss clinic than ever before, due to linking his hair transplant sweepstake in with the most watched sporting event in North America.

A more affordable alternative to hair transplants

Many celebrity hair loss sufferers, such as Gordon Ramsay, have been said to have received hair transplants in recent years. But their costly price tag, often many thousands of pounds, puts them out of the reach of many people. Furthermore, it should not be overlooked that although the procedure is minor, it is still a form of invasive surgery, and so carries risks such as infection of the affected area.

But hair loss treatment needn’t be so expensive. Pharmaceutical treatments such as Propecia and Minoxidil have both been scientifically proven, and licensed in the UK and the US, for the treatment of genetic hair loss, and have been highly effective in the treatment of other forms of hair loss.

At the Belgravia Centre we use these products in combination with a regimented programme of other hair loss treatments and close trichological monitoring, to ensure maximum results for our patients.

To find out more about our treatments, feel free to contact us for an initial consultation, or fill out our online diagnostic form for our mail-order hair loss service.

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