Summer Alert - Chlorine Could Aggravate Hair Loss


As summer starts to get under way, keep your head above water when it comes to caring for your tresses. The combined effects of heat, UV exposure and sea salt or chlorine can lead to dry, damaged hair and an aggravated scalp which could lead to increased hair loss.

Don’t hide away in your bungalows just yet though. It’s often claimed that swimming in chlorinated pools could discolour your hair and some even say it leads to hair thinning. But it’s a bit misleading to say chlorine can cause hair loss, rather it will only aggravate the existing effects in men and women who are already experiencing hair loss.

To avoid exacerbating the condition, always rinse the hair with tap water before and after swimming and don’t be afraid to wash your hair daily. It’s important to keep the scalp clean and healthy to encourage optimal growth but if you’re not already treating the condition, you should look into the clinically proven treatments for hair loss.

Of course this doesn’t mean chlorine isn’t damaging to the skin and scalps of others. It’s a chemical and can irritate the skin and lead to itchiness so people start to scratch. It’s unlikely that the itching would be so severe as to cause hair loss as a result of scratching but it would not be unheard of.

Traction alopecia and cicatricial alopecia are particular types of hair loss caused by constant excoriation or injury to the area. They’re the result of scarring which affects the follicles ability to produce hair. It’s important that you’re also aware that a number of factors can instigate genetic hair loss and severe scratching caused by an itchy scalp could be one.

Looking after your scalp and the health of your hair is important at all times, but especially in the summer months.  While thinning hair can be dealt with effectively and hair loss can even be prevented and reversed with clinically proven hair loss treatments, you can do your part in avoiding seasonal damage, such as that which can be caused by chlorine.

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