Suicide Squad: Will Smith Goes Bald and Jared Leto Ditches Man Bun

Will Smith

has gone bald for his role in new comic-book film Suicide Squad, and some of his co-stars have also embraced extreme hair changes.

Bold new looks

Will Smith Goes Bald for Suicide Squad role as Deadshot, Margot Robbie Undergoes Extreme Hair Bleaching Will Smith Goes Bald for Suicide Squad role as Margot Robbie Undergoes Extreme Hair Bleaching

The 46-year-old actor, who plays villain-turned-hero Deadshot in the upcoming Warner Bros film, has shaved his head completely.

Although the character first appeared in the 1950s Batman comics wearing an outfit that covered his head and face, this updated interpretation sees Smith's character wearing urban, combat style gear and a modern leather jacket, complemented by his smooth, bald look.

Perhaps the reason Will Smith had to shave his already short hair was to do with the 'tough guy' stereotype of bald men.

You can see Smith in character here pictured on set with Wolf Of Wall Street star Margot Robbie who has had an extreme dye job for the role of the Joker's girlfriend, Harley Quinn.

This level of platinum bleaching can be incredibly high maintenance, as Kim Kardashian recently discovered. The actress will need to keep her hair well-conditioned to prevent hair breakage - or worse, as Gabrielle Union found when she 'practically went bald' due to bleaching her hair for a role.

Jared Leto has Cut His Long Hair and Bleached both his Hair and Eyebrows to play The Joker Jared Leto Bleached both his Newly Short Hair, and his Eyebrows to play The Joker

Jared Leto loses hipster hair

Pictures of Jared Leto, who will play the role of legendary baddie the Joker, have provoked powerful reactions across the internet. Even prompting former Joker, Jack Nicholson to release a video of his reaction to the Leto images.

The 43 year old actor has had perhaps the most dramatic change, having to ditch his signature long hair and beard hipster combo for the role.

Leto was given a short, bleached hairstyle, ready to be dyed green. Jared also had his eyebrows bleached to better capture the Joker's manic appearance.

Many fans of the actor, who popularised the 'man bun' hair trend, openly mourned on Twitter upon seeing that he had cut off his famously long hair. The 30 Seconds to Mars singer also seemed overwhelmed by the transformation initially, as he shared a smooth-shaven picture of him having his ponytail chopped off with the caption, “I miss my beard already”.

Viola Davis Will Play Agent Waller in Suicide SquadViola Davis’ haircut

The film also features The Help star, Viola Davis as Amanda “The Wall” Waller, who has previously talked about her personal experience of hair loss.

Having lost most of her hair aged 28 to Alopecia Areata, the Oscar-nominee pushed for a scene where she removed her wig to be included in top drama How to Get Away With Murder.

Although official images have not yet been released of Davis as the Suicide Squad character, fans have spotted her in Toronto, near where filming is currently taking place until the end of August.

Snaps posted to Instagram, like the one pictured, show Davis with a slightly more masculine cut than usual. This is no doubt designed to reflect Waller’s tough persona, in a prime example of how important hair can be in shaping the audience's assumptions of a character.

Cara Delevigne's wig

Cara Delevigne Plays Enchantress in Suicide Squad Cara Delevigne Plays Enchantress in Suicide Squad

Brit, Cara Delevigne appears to be wearing a black wig with a crescent moon symbol attached at the front of her hairline, to play super villain Enchantress.

As a top fashion model, Delevigne is already used to regularly experimenting with a variety of hair looks. These frequent transformations can cause styling damage so Cara should be careful to take precautions to protect her hair wherever possible.

She should also take regular breaks from her wig and headpiece, ensuring neither is fitted too tightly. This will help to limit the likelihood of her developing Traction Alopecia which can be brought on when excessive tension is placed on the hair follicles.

As it is often caused by hair extensions and weaves, this hair loss condition is something many celebrities and models experience.

Whilst it seems the rest of the cast are likely to retain styles similar to their own hair, we will need to wait until the movie is released in August 2016 to see these superhero looks up close.

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