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Question: I am suffering from hair loss. My hairs are getting thin. I don't know what to do i am just 18. I don't know the exact problem. Please help.!

Answer: Hi, Natasha. There are a number of hair loss conditions - some permanent, many temporary - that can cause thinning hair in women.

This type of shedding, that results in a decrease in hair density, can be linked to stress, diet, an underlying illness or side effect from medication - which usually cause Telogen Effluvium - or your genetics - which causes Female Pattern Hair Loss.

The easiest way to tell the two conditions apart are that whilst Telogen Effluvium causes diffuse thinning from all over the scalp and lasts no longer than six months, Female Pattern Hair Loss is a permanent condition which only affects the top of the head and hairline. Hair loss treatment courses are available to help deal with both of these conditions.

If you are unsure as to where precisely the shedding is located, we recommend you keep an eye on this as with temporary hair loss conditions the hair will often regrow naturally within three to six months. If you are still concerned after this time, have a professional consultation in order to get a diagnosis and relevant treatment recommendations. You are of course welcome to come in sooner if it would help to give you peace of mind.

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