The Best Football Managers - How Do They Keep Their Hair?

Alex Ferguson Arsene Wenger Thick Hair

Among the world’s top football managers, there is one physical trait that appears to be common to most of them (with one or two exceptions) a healthy hairline. The 'holy grail' of managers seem to have successfully fought the signs of receding hairlines and Thinning Crowns - so is there some secret to their success?

Alex Ferguson

Despite being aged nearly 72, Sir Alex Ferguson is England’s longest-serving and most successful club coach, having led Manchester United to win no less than 48 trophies. Photographs clearly show that despite his age and the stress of his job at one of the biggest football clubs in the world, his hair has survived relatively unscathed.

Arsene Wenger

Now 63, Arsene Wenger has had a similarly high profile tenure managing London side Arsenal. Since taking over the reins at the club, he has won 11 major honours and become their longest serving manager. At an age where nearly two-thirds of men would have begun to experience some form of hair loss, Wenger’s appears to be still be going strong.

Mourinho HairJose Mourinho

The self-styled ‘Special One’ may well be much younger than his Arsenal and Manchester counterparts, at the age of just 49. Still, during his career, he has achieved many impressive managerial feats, and he has managed to win at least one major footballing trophy in every year since 2002. Although Mourinho may have youth on his side, hair loss would still have affected around half of all men of his age.

Is it a perk of the job?

Football management, particularly in the Premier League, is often regarded as one of the most stressful jobs around. Stress is also believed by some hair loss experts to accelerate hair loss, particularly genetic conditions such as Androgenic Alopecia, or male pattern balding. It is therefore unlikely that football coaching is the ideal role for protecting against a receding hairline.

Ferguson, Wenger and Mourinho are either incredibly lucky genetically, have implemented excellent stress relief techniques, or have found a way to combat hair loss without drawing attention to their hair lines.

Prevention is better than cure

If Ferguson, Wenger and Mourinho have experienced any significant hair loss at some point, it has been very well managed and reversed in some way. With the assistance of a hair loss expert, such as those employed by The Belgravia Centre, men can have hair loss conditions treated long before they become publicly observable, thereby maintaining a full head of hair. Not every successful football manager has been quite so lucky, however our follow up story will feature Pep Guardiola, whose hair retention doesn't seem to be panning out as successfully as his footballing managerial career. However, unlike the others it is still early days for Pep - could his long-term managerial career follow in the footsteps of his hair? Only time will tell.

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