Study Finds Hair Loss Can Affect a Person’s Quality of Life

People with different types of hair loss have been interviewed in China for a study into how this affects their quality of life.

Researchers at the departments of dermatology and oncology at Shandong University in Jinan consulted with 178 patients whose hair loss was caused either by their genes (as is the case with Male Pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Hair Loss) or by the autoimmune disorder Alopecia Areata. This condition is not nearly as commonly-seen as genetic hairloss, though it is still regularly observed by dermatologists.

Sad - Hair Loss - Quality of LifeWhile all three conditions can often be effectively treated using custom hair loss treatment courses, some people choose not to pursue treatment or, in cases of baldness due to male hair loss, can be deemed “too far gone” for clinically-proven pharmaceutical methods to be worthwhile.

Hair loss scored

The Chinese team’s Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI) honed in on 10 aspects of daily life pertaining to how people who had lost their hair were feeling and how this related to such things as leisure, relationships, work and school. Participants could score each of the 10 questions they were asked between 0-3, with a maximum score of 30 demonstrating a very high quality of life.

The study found that the respondents’ quality of life score ranged from zero to 28, with a somewhat low mean score of just 6.3. Interestingly, higher scores were seen among younger patients, while those with Alopecia Areata were also inclined towards a more positive outlook than those with genetic hair thinning.

The researchers concluded that “Alopecia Areata and Androgenic Alopecia moderately affected the quality of life of the patients. Both conditions moderately affected the quality of life of the patients not only in physiological aspects, but also in their emotional and social aspects. The bio-psycho-social aspects need to be addressed, even though these conditions are not life threatening.”

Familiar refrain

It is a familiar refrain: people who are losing their hair often feel that their life is being dramatically and adversely affected but that they are not being taken seriously from a medical point of view. In many cases, they feel that are simply expected to “get on with it.”

This is something Belgravia's hair loss specialists hear all too frequently from men and women when they visit for their initial assessments. Visitors to our hair loss clinics or those who opt for the virtual support that accompanies Belgravia home-use treatment plans are often surprised - and relieved - to find professionals who do take their concerns seriously and who can address their questions with empathy, as well as highly specialist knowledge.

Hair Loss Consultation Trichocheck at The Belgravia CentreHere are just a few of the comments we have received from clients on the subject...

I found Leonora’s advice and consultation really helpful.  She was really friendly but most of all allowed me to describe what I was going through. I felt listened to and she was able to advise what my problem was."

"I have tried previously for more than 2 years with different doctors and specialists, tried MSO, was good but not anywhere near as good as Belgravia treatment."

"...compared to my GP, [hair loss specialist] Daiva listened to my concerns I was confident that I was being given the correct treatment. I didn’t feel any pressure to purchase treatments that were not necessary and was happy with the service."

"...My GP was very unhelpful.  I was depressed and embarrassed.  A friend told me about Belgravia.  My first reaction was does it really work because my hair needed urgent attention.  I called clinic, they were very helpful.  Now a year on I have amazing results."

The support factor that comes with having a dedicated specialist on hand to provide advice and to monitor treatment progress is something many clients find comforting. People often find this personal approach preferable to going it alone with over-the-counter products as it offers them added peace of mind. Even just making the decision to have an initial consultation can help anyone worried about hair loss to feel proactive, whether or not they decide to proceed with treatment.

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