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Study Finds Hair Loss ‘Affecting Two-Thirds of UAE Residents’

If reports are to be believed, hair loss in Dubai and the UAE seems to be verging on epidemic proportions, with everything from unusually hard water to a lack of vitamin D being cited as possible causes.

Now, a new YouGov poll from the Emirates suggests that things are even worse than was thought, with a staggering 67 per cent of people surveyed saying that their hair was falling out.

New study results

Hair Loss in the UAE continues to riseThough 80 per cent of men worldwide will typically experience male pattern hair loss at some point in their lives, for a large share of them it won’t happen until their retirement years. No data was available for the YouGov poll beyond the fact that respondents were over the age of 18, but if their average age was around 35 – a reasonable assumption given the demographics of the country – then hair loss rates of 67 per cent seem alarmingly high.

A previous poll – also accompanied by newspaper reports that rates of hair loss in the UAE were unusually high – suggested that 37 per cent of the country had shed some hair, suggesting hair loss continues to rise in the region.

Number of factors

The company which commissioned the survey – Dr Kurt Wolff GmbH & Co, makers of Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo – said that hair loss was an issue in the UAE because of hereditary factors, environmental influences and stress.

How DHT is ProducedWith regards the inherited form of hair loss – androgenic alopecia – Dr Adolf Klenk at Dr Wolff GmbH & Co in Germany is quoted in Gulf News as saying: ““There’s a certain point where the scalps of genetically predisposed individuals become sensitive to testosterone. This is seen at the end of puberty among men when their testosterone rises and at the onset of menopause in women when their estrogen drops.”

Testosterone and genetic hair loss are inextricably linked because of something called DHT, a testosterone by-product that attacks follicles around the top of the head. This causes them to shrink, leading to thinning hair in both men and women with a predisposition towards it. The amount of testosterone is not thought to be the issue but rather how sensitive an individual is to the by-product, DHT.

Many men seek treatment to prevent this type of shedding. The MHRA and FDA-approved male pattern hair loss treatment finasteride 1mg in particular works by inhibiting the production of DHT, thus allowing hair to grow unhindered.

Respondents blame stress

There’s little doubt that the results of the UAE survey give pause for thought – the poll also found that almost half of male respondents under 30 had experienced hair loss to some degree. For their part, respondents felt that stress (82 per cent), lack of vitamins (82 per cent) and poor water quality (79 per cent) were the main reasons they were losing their hair.

Using Bottled Water May Help In The MeantimeMore than a third of respondents who said they experienced hair loss admitted to anxiety and depression as a result of their situation.

This type of thinning is generally due to a temporary condition called Telogen Effluvium or Chronic Diffuse Thinning but, whilst these conditions tend to see natural regrowth once the underlying cause – such as stress or dietary deficiencies – are addressed, they can also trigger male or female pattern hair loss in those with an inherited predisposition.

While some of the potential causes of the UAE’s many hair loss cases may be easily fixed – seeking out imported water and taking vitamin D supplements, for example – others need a little more detective work. Anyone concerned about hair loss in the UAE can receive specialist advice and treatment recommendations from a dedicated hair loss specialist who can consider all of the information at hand to determine the best course of action. Belgravia offers a worldwide home-use service via our Online Consultation which allows our regrowth products to be sent out to most countries, including the UAE.

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