Student Tries to Exchange Hair Loss Treatment for Deadline Extension

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An email exchange between a university student and his professor has gone viral after the pupil drunkenly offered to sort out the teacher's hair loss in return for a deadline extension.

 Screengrab of email sent by Patrick Davidson to his Professor Mr Martin'I'm sorry that u r bald'

The Independent reports how student, Patrick Davidson, reportedly emailed the professor, identified only as Mr. Martin, after a heavy night out, knowing he would not be in any fit state to finish and submit his paper the next day.

It was clear from the hilariously frank content and strong language Davidson used that he had had one too many, overstepping the student/teacher boundaries to let Mr. Martin know what he thought of him.

"Just letting u know that u r a m********** g  and I'm sorry that u r bald. Lol" the email started, before offering to 'hook up' the teacher with 'a girl who can get ur hair back and keep u bangin". Then, in an apparent attempt to barter, Davidson went on, "...I just needed to ask u for an extension on my paper...", explaining that he was incapacitated and would have a bad hangover in time for his deadline. "Keep slayin boi... Love u and c u Monday", the student wrote as his sign off.

Screengrab of email response sent to Patrick Davidson by Mr Martin'I appreciate your concern for my bald head'

Internet users around the world have applauded the cheek of the student, but it is Mr. Martin's response that has attracted the most respect.

"Patrick, Sounds like you had a great night..." the professor wrote back, before agreeing to extend his deadline.

Addressing the mention of his male pattern baldness, the teacher went on, "I appreciate your concern for my bald head. My wife likes it and I don't get paid enough to get hair implants." Before bantering back, "Next time you email me id like a bottle of whatever you had so I don't have to remember what you said."

Reporters have contacted the imgur user who originally posted the screenshots (pictured here) online to find out more about the pair involved but, for now at least, they are keeping quiet.

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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