Student Knits Intricate Wigs For Women With Hair Loss

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Louise Walker, a 22 year old woman from London, has come up with a novel yet stylish solution for women dealing with hair loss. The photography student has created a collection of knitted hair pieces that resemble classic hair styles, from blonde locks piled atop the head to a strawberry blonde curly bob. Alongside the typical hair colours, pretty pastel shades also feature.

Knitted Out In The Latest Fashions

Though initially just a project for the final year of her degree, Louise now hopes that her knitted head coverings will provide comfort to women dealing with hair loss from alopecia or cancer treatment. Indeed, the student grew up watching her mother bring confidence to women via her work as a hairdresser, explaining how she herself has had "loads of different hairstyles and colours over the years".

And the pieces themselves are certainly labours of love, with each one taking up to a week to knit. Louise is currently expanding her initial project by working on designs for cancer patients. Women who lose their hair from chemo or other cancer treatments sadly cannot use a hair loss treatment programme to prevent the hair from falling out in the first place, or to grow it back at a faster than usual rate. That said, hair should  begin to regrow itself after the treatment course has been completed.

What Women Want

Sometimes, however, hair does not grow back properly, and women may need to give their hair a helping hand to return to its previous thickness and luster. It is also true that a tailored hair loss treatment programme can help women experiencing alopecia. For instance, women experiencing an overall thinning of their hair can potentially use a minoxidil liquid formulation on their scalp to treat their loss and regrow hair.

In addition to this, extra ingredients can be added to the minoxidil that might further help prevent loss. These additions can include azelaic acid, which can inhibit the enzyme 5-alpha reductase that joins with testosterone to create androgen DHT, which causes follicles on the scalp to shrink and produce weaker, thinner hair. Another alternative to azelaic acid is MPG (Medroxyprogesterone), which may prevent DHT from attacking hair follicles. Stubborn patches of hair loss can also be treated with a minoxidil high strength cream.

A hair loss specialist can asses your suitability for using minoxidil, and if there's a good chance it will help you regrow hair, they can discuss the different strengths and formulations with you. Of course, knitted headgear makes for a stylish solution to hair loss, but for women who want a chance to regrow their own hair, it's useful to know that a hair loss treatment programme can potentially do just that.


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