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Stone Cold Steve Austin Tells Wayne Rooney To Embrace His Baldness

Wayne Rooney has been told to embrace his hair loss by wrestling icon ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin.

Wayne Rooney Told To Embrace Baldness by Stone Cold Steve Austin on TwitterWrestler gives hair loss advice

In a conversation that took place on Twitter, pictured right, Rooney was advised to “embrace the baldness” by Austin, who is famously completely bald.

The chat started after another wrestler, Wade ‘Bad News’ Barrett started venting his anger about Manchester United’s win over Preston, the team he supports. Attention turned to Rooney’s hair, however the Man U forward seemed keen not to dwell on the topic and tweeted Austin back with his trademark catchphrase.

Despite the encouragement from Austin to give in to his receding hairline, based on the amount Rooney has spent on hair transplants (rumoured to be over £30,000), it seems clear he is determined to fight for a full head of hair.

A long history of hair loss

Rooney’s hair loss and subsequent hair transplants have been well documented. He showed classic signs of Male Pattern Baldness from a young age, and underwent his first hair transplant four years ago, at the age of 25, using the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method.

Following his first procedure, Rooney returned for a second hair transplant several months later. Despite undergoing two expensive hair transplant treatments, Rooney still appears to be having issues with thinning hair. This type of hair loss following a hair transplant is quite common as the hair around the transplanted area will still continue to be affected by Male Pattern Hair Loss, unless preventative male hair loss treatments are used as part of the on-going aftercare.

Preventing further hair loss… the bottom line

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Wayne RooneyUnlike Stone Cold Steve, Wayne is not completely bald which means that non-surgical hair loss treatments are likely to be an effective option in preventing further shedding.

There are two medically-proven treatments for male hair loss: minoxidil and finasteride 1mg. When used as part of a bespoke treatment plan, as prescribed by a hair loss specialist, these can stabilise shedding and encourage regrowth.

Top surgeons recommend that men wait until they are in their mid-20s at least before considering hair restoration surgery. Those who elect to undergo the procedure are also advised to complete at least a six-month programme of pharmaceutical hair loss treatment before undergoing surgery, as well as continuing this regime afterwards. This is to aid the ease of the transplant initially, making the hair easier to work with, and to prevent further shedding around the transplanted area over time after the operation. However, some men find that their regrowth is so promising after their initial six months of following a bespoke hair loss treatment plan that they decide not to proceed with surgery after all!

Belgravia Centre Hair Loss Clinic Hair Loss Specialist Free ConsultationThe Belgravia Centre

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