Steve Coogan Discusses His Thinning Hair With Rob Brydon

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The actor and comedian Steve Coogan spoke to celebrity pal Rob Brydon about his thinning hair concerns during the pair's popular gastronomic travel show, The Trip to Italy.
Steve Coogan Talks About His Thinning Hair with Rob Brydon on The Trip to Italy Steve Coogan, left, with Rob Brydon, right

Thinning on top

Coogan, 49, brought up the subject of his hair loss during a recent episode of the BBC show, which follows the real life friends on a culinary road trip around Italy.

The Philomena star, best known for his comedy creation Alan Partridge, has thick grey hair, but is starting to show signs of a thinning crown and the early stages of a receding hairline.

As the sun beat down on the pair, Coogan leaned in to show the 'Would I Lie to You' host his crown and candidly asked, "Is my hair thinning or is that the beginnings...? Just tell me the truth".

"Can I just say, there's no need to lean forward" replied Brydon. "Yes, it's starting to go. I've not said anything because I know how insecure you are... how far it'll go, I don't know".

Coogan, looking a little crestfallen, checked, "Really? And all men naturally do that though, don't they?" Brydon confirmed that they do, although in actual fact it is only those who have an hereditary predisposition to the genetic hair loss condition who are affected.

'Get to the source of the blaze'

After confirming Steve's hair was starting to go, Rob Brydon posed him with a pertinent dilemma, "You've got to ask yourself a question - "Am I going to sit by idly, while Rome burns, fiddling, or am I going to find a fire hydrant and get to the source of the blaze?" Steve did not answer.

Brydon has himself suffered from male pattern baldness and was thought to have admitted to having had a hair transplant after replying, when questioned, “For some time now my head has been feeling a lot warmer but I was unable to put my finger on the reason why.”

Options for treating thinning hair

The Belgravia Centre london clinic Mens hairloss treatmentWhen it comes to dealing with thinning hair in men, there are two medically-proven products - minoxidil and finasteride 1mg - that can help to reverse this hair loss and promote new growth. As high strength minoxidil is applied topically, this is often used to treat a receding hairline - the most stubborn area of the scalp.

Licensed by both the MHRA and the FDA for the treatment of male hair loss, either one or both of these components tend to form the cornerstone around which a comprehensive hair regimen can be formed.

Adding in hair growth supporting products such as the HairMax LaserComb and one-a-day dietary supplements like Hair Vitalics, can help to further ensure the hair is in optimum condition and helps promote the maintenance of normal hair growth via its bespoke blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanical extracts including selenium, biotin and zinc.

In addition to diagnosing hair loss conditions and assessing the stage of shedding, hair specialists are also able to recommend the most effective tailored treatment plans for each client based around their individual medical and lifestyle needs.
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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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