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Stem Cell Research May Hold Key to Baldness


Scientists researching stem cell use for burns victims have stumbled upon a potential method for tackling baldness.

The researchers were studying whether stem cells from the thymus, an organ in the immune system, could be transplanted into growing skin. Not only were they able to transform one type of cell into another, but they discovered that healthy hair follicles were present in the new cell growth.

The findings of the team, led by Professor Yann Barrandon, head of the stem cell laboratory at the University of Lausanne, were published in the 19 August 2010 issue of ‘Nature’ journal. “These cells really change track, expressing different genes and becoming more important,” explained Professor Barrandon.

However, it should be noted that the experiments carried out were on lab rats, not humans, and new hair follicle growth was only observed for one year. It is a little premature to hail these research findings as a “cure” for baldness, although it does pave the way for future investigation.

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