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Stem Cell Hair Regeneration – A Cure for Baldness?

We’ve covered it up, shaved it off and even lathered it with chicken dung (well, at least men in the 17th century did!) – but the latest efforts of a university lecturer could pave the way for the development of treatments that would make hair loss, in years to come, seem a ludicrous thing of the past.

Embryonic stem cell research is getting closer to finding a cure for baldnessMariko Yamaki, from the Matsumoto Dental University, was able to regenerate hair on mice with a combination of skin cells and mesenchymal stem cells (ones that develop into various organs of the body).

Yamaki said it would be difficult to regenerate hair using only embryonic stem cells, however, hair growth was observed on all 12 mice that had the mixed clumps implanted on their back muscles.

About 40% of the 48 clumps had one or two hairs growing from them and when protein was added, the hair growth rate increased to about 60%.

“If embryonic stem cells are combined with mesenchymal stem cells, which perform a number of other functions, a different organ can probably be created,” Mr. Yamaki said.

“The first thing I want to try to do is regenerate hair using human embryonic stem cells.”

Here’s hoping – details of his discovery will be published in the May edition of The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine magazine.

In the meantime, find out about the most effective medical hair loss treatments for men and women and see the hundreds of hair loss success stories where people are already turning hair loss into hair growth.

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1st September, 2010 at 12:23 pm

Placenta Stem Cell Therapy

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in early 1997. Then started Interferon treatments a few months later; with great disappointment my doctor said I could not take it due to various side effects. My liver enzymes at that time were ALT 264 AST 141. So I waited for a new type of medicine. A lady I got to know told me of a Dr that had been treating her with placenta implants for her lupus and immune deficiency. Her doctors here had given her months to live. With a bit of despair and not too much belief in this placenta implant thing, I went to see the Dr. At the time I went to see him, Nov. 2001, my ALT was 587 and my AST 318. After my implant, I had blood work done Nov. 2002. My ALT was 152 and AST 89. I waited so long because I was still pessimistic in the implant. So I was a little excited but still pessimistic. I had my second implant Dec. 2002, and then had blood work the end of Jan. 2003 ALT 75 AST 49. I was almost in full belief until Dec. 2003 my ALT was 47 and AST 42 . My level had not been that low in almost 15 years. Feb. 2003 ALT 34 AST 14 . So now when my levels start creeping up to 100 or so I get another implant. Recently, I had an implant Oct. April 2007 then blood work Nov. September 2007. Blood work came out normal, what a good word to hear when you have Hep C. I am by all means not saying this is curing my Hepatitis C because it is not. My viral count a year ago was 21 million; I don't get that checked any more, a little to depressing. Even with the immune system of a Hep C patient, I rarely ever get sick. I have no doubt these implants have extended my life with Hep C. .

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