Stem Cell Hair Regeneration - A Cure for Baldness?

We’ve covered it up, shaved it off and even lathered it with chicken dung (well, at least men in the 17th century did!) - but the latest efforts of a university lecturer could pave the way for the development of treatments that would make hair loss, in years to come, seem a ludicrous thing of the past.

Embryonic stem cell research is getting closer to finding a cure for baldnessMariko Yamaki, from the Matsumoto Dental University, was able to regenerate hair on mice with a combination of skin cells and mesenchymal stem cells (ones that develop into various organs of the body).

Yamaki said it would be difficult to regenerate hair using only embryonic stem cells, however, hair growth was observed on all 12 mice that had the mixed clumps implanted on their back muscles.

About 40% of the 48 clumps had one or two hairs growing from them and when protein was added, the hair growth rate increased to about 60%.

"If embryonic stem cells are combined with mesenchymal stem cells, which perform a number of other functions, a different organ can probably be created," Mr. Yamaki said.

"The first thing I want to try to do is regenerate hair using human embryonic stem cells."

Here's hoping - details of his discovery will be published in the May edition of The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine magazine.

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