Spate of Hair Loss Treatment Thefts

A man with thinning hair is wanted by police after a shoplifting incident involving hair loss products in the UK. The man stole a large amount of hair regrowth products from a Holland and Barrett store in Bridport, Dorset, and a CCTV picture has been released to identify him.

Spate of Hair Loss Product Thefts Sweeps UK and USAHigh-value thefts increasing

This is the latest in an increasing trend of thefts related to hair regrowth products containing minoxidil, many across the US. Images of a man and woman suspected of shoplifting more than $600 worth of Regaine (known as ‘Rogaine’ in the US) in Berks County have been circulated. In a separate incident, police in Long Island are looking for a man suspected of stealing $850 worth of the product from a Walgreens pharmacy.

Concerns over re-sold stolen products

According to US news reports, hair loss products are some of the most-commonly stolen items from pharmacies and supermarkets, and it is known that the products are often re-sold by the thieves. However, those who might be tempted to purchase cut-price deals, when stolen treatments are re-sold, have been warned about potential harm they may cause. Joe La Rocca, an adviser at the National Retail Federation warned, “Most stolen merchandise is not stored properly and could expose unsuspecting shoppers or their children to a host of risks”.

Buying these stolen products can also be dangerous as buyers will not receive professional hair loss advice or be assessed for suitability by an expert.

Anyone visiting a hair loss specialist will have their suitability for treatment assessed based on their hair loss condition, stage of shedding and their medical profile. Other lifestyle factors which may interfere with the hair growth cycle will also be discussed, including other medications the client may be taking, giving a more rounded approach to treating the issue.

Specialists will then provide personalised recommendations for a comprehensive range of treatments and, where appropriate, hair growth boosters, tailored to each individual's needs and monitor their progress. Anyone buying stolen treatments will miss out on these crucial service elements, potentially putting themselves at unnecessary risk.

Minoxidil Based Hair Loss Treatments and Hair Growth SupplementsMinoxidil for hair loss

High strength minoxidil

 can prove a valuable tool in treating genetic hair loss. It is clinically-proven to reverse this type of hair loss in men as well as Female Pattern Hair Loss, and is licensed in the UK by the MHRA and the FDA in the US. As such, you will tend to find it forms one of the key components in hair loss treatment programmes.

As this topical treatment is applied directly to the affected areas, it can be particularly beneficial to those with a receding hairline - the most stubborn area to treat and often the slowest to grow back.

You can find many examples of all these types of regrowth in Belgravia's extensive gallery of Hair Loss Treatment Success Stories. To find out more about minoxidil the Belgravia Centre offers please contact the clinic on 020 7730 6666 or send us a message.


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