Sophie Kasaei Reveals Support Following Traction Alopecia Hair Loss

One of the stars of the reality TV show Geordie Shore who recently spoke out about her hair loss has been back in the limelight to talk about how advice from fans and friends has helped her to regrow her hair.

Sophie Kasaei, who has been on (and off) the reality show since it started in 2011, first revealed that she was losing hair to a condition named traction alopecia on MTV and blamed her thinning hair on years of using hair extensions which had been liberally fitted to create an endless parade of new, voluminous looks.

Tension on the roots

Unfortunately, hair extensions can be quite heavy and are often woven onto existing strands rather tightly thus creating excess tension at the roots of the hair. When this constant strain becomes too much, the follicles become damaged, leading to hairloss something which numerous celebrities (including Naomi Campbell and Jennifer Aniston) have found to their peril. Because it is effectively “self-inflicted” though obviously not intentionally so traction alopecia is the only hair loss condition that it is entirely preventable.

In some mild cases, waving goodbye to hair extensions and other problematic styles such as tight braids is enough to allow hair damaged in mild cases to recover. In others, treatment may be required to help grow hair back. Unfortunately, Traction Alopecia mostly affects the hairline and temples as these bear the brunt of any tension placed on the scalp, though in cases where the damage has been caused by hair extensions or weaves, hair breakage and bald patches may also occur where these were fixed.

At Belgravia, traction alopecia treatment begins with a commitment from a client to stop wearing the kind of hairstyle that has caused the condition in the first place - at the very least until the scalp has recovered. Appropriate formulations of topically-applied high strength minoxidil are recommended as part of a personalised treatment course devised by Belgravia’s hair loss specialists, based on the individual's unique requirements.

This can involve the use of a number of  hair growth boosters; these can include clinical therapy sessions which feature scalp and hair treatments tailored to each client’s needs and hair type, to further help the hair to reach its full potential. Additionally Hair Vitalics for Women - premium hair growth supplements developed exclusively by The Belgravia Centre - can provide a highly-targeted hit of convenient nutritional support. This is thanks to a unique blend of key vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanical extracts known to encourage healthy hair, all provided in their optimum doses for effective dietary assistance.

It is not known if Ms Kasaei went down the pharmaceutical route, though she admits that she has benefited from lots of hair loss advice so she may have followed some kind of treatment regimen. Speaking to MTV again, she explained how “coming clean” and showing her traction alopecia-damaged hair in an earlier MTV clip had been an important step. “It was a very big thing for me to do,” she said. “I opened up and told everybody about it. The response I got was absolutely amazing. So many girls go through exactly what I went through and I did take a lot of advice. Girls would tell me there was some medication I should take and what else to do.”

Sophie-Kasaei-HairHappier place

The TV personality says that she is now starting to recover from the hair loss and is in “a happier place.” “I think everything is helping my hair to grow back,” she said. “I never realised I would get that support, so thank you.”

New pictures of the celebrity taken with her Geordie Shore castmates show Ms Kasaei sporting a shorter-than-usual style that appears to be free from hair extensions… and looks healthy.

Getting support is often cited as a pivotal part of a person’s hair loss journey. Trying to conceal thinning hair or bald patches can be soul-destroying; likewise, attempting to find products online that may help can be a lonely and potentially dangerous experience. When new clients contact Belgravia, they have chosen a different route where support is offered, and clients frequently mention that the friendly encouragement and diligent monitoring of their condition that they receive from professional staff is an integral part of their treatment.

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