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Solihull 5-Year-Old Donates Hair to Charity


Ruby Mander Little Princess Trust The Belgravia CentreShowing that you’re never too young to start giving back, 5-year-old Ruby Mander from Solihull is the latest in a series of increasingly young donors who has gotten her hair cut to support a charity.

With her long, curly hair, the St Mary’s Catholic School pupil was the perfect hair donor. Apart from the obvious pleasure of helping others, the little girl was excited to be featured in her school newsletter, and to take the train to the hairdresser’s!

Ruby’s selfless act raised over £1,000 for the Little Princess Trust, far beyond her original £350 target. Her donated hair will be made into wigs for children with cancer or Alopecia.

The Little Princess Trust

We at The Belgravia Centre are proud supporters of the Little Princess Trust, a UK-based charity that provides real-hair wigs, free of charge, to children who have lost hair as a result of cancer or alopecia.

The charity receives no formal funding, relying solely on hair donations from people like Ruby in order make wigs. Due to its length, Ruby’s donated hair will be able to benefit three children.

Famous supporters of the Little Princess Trust include pop singer Jessie J, who famously shaved off all her hair last year as part of Comic Relief.

Inspiring the community to give back

Ruby is said to be pleased with the results of the haircut. Her mother, Rebecca said: “Ruby has beautiful curly, blonde hair and I told her about the charity. She was really pleased about doing it.

“Her hair did reach to the middle of her back, but now it’s just below her ears. She loves the new style. In fact, she likes it more because it’s more manageable.”

Best of all, Ruby’s actions seem to have inspired others in the community to get into the spirit of giving. Rebecca explained: “People we don’t know have donated and I think it’s because a five-year-old has done this. One of the pupils in Year Two, Poppy, did jobs at her house to get money to donate.” Ruby’s 11-year-old brother, Joshua, has also decided to donate his pocket money to the charity.

Rebecca’s haircut has led to an even bigger community fundraising activity for The Little Princess Trust. The local Birmingham Community Gospel Choir has pledged to donate proceeds from their November annual town hall concert to the charity.

To find out more about the Little Princess Trust, visit their website: http://www.littleprincesses.org.uk/

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