Solicitor Calls for Regulation of Hairdressers to Prevent Hair Loss Accidents

Going to the hairdresser is a pleasant experience for most people and usually something to look forward to. Despite this, there have been a number of reports this year of people who have suffered the effects of bad hair care in their salon and been left with bald patches, hair loss and scarring as a result. The Belgravia Centre has reported on a number of these stories (see the links below, under Related Articles).

There are calls for hairdressers to be regulated after clients have been left with burns, scars and hair loss from hairdressing malpractice.This growing trend of accidents at hair salons has led one personal injury solicitor to call for regulation of all hairdressers in the UK. Nigel Barrowcliff of is a specialist in professional negligence claims and has seen a sharp rise in the number of people seeking compensation for injuries to their hair and scalp caused by hairdressing malpractice.

Further awareness of the need for tighter regulation comes from the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. The issue has even received coverage on breakfast TV and BBC Radio 2.

The problem revolves around the use of strong chemicals in hair dyes, straightening and perming solutions and hair relaxers. If a patch test is not carried out before use, or if the chemicals are applied incorrectly, then the result can be severe burns to the scalp. As well as being painful and uncomfortable, the burns can damage the hair follicles, leading to hair loss and bald patches. If the hair follicles are damaged badly enough, the hair loss and scarring may be permanent. Some individuals are also at risk of anaphylactic shock, which is an allergic reaction to the chemicals which can be fatal.

“The hairdressing profession is completely unregulated and anyone can open a salon and call themselves a hairdresser,” says Barrowcliff, “This does not happen elsewhere in the EU where a professional qualification together with schemes for registration and monitoring are compulsory. Many experienced hairdressers are themselves advocating regulation of this kind. Hopefully such legislation would lessen the number of hairdressing injuries in the future. Unfortunately we are not just seeing cases of failed haircuts or minor burns but serious and permanent injuries on occasion necessitating surgery or inducing permanent allergy.”

If you are concerned about the condition of your hair, then contact the Belgravia Centre for a consultation. In many cases, the hair will recover naturally if given a rest from overstyling. However, in some cases a short course of hair loss treatments can restore a healthy hair growth cycle.

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