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Solange Knowles Braves Jibes to Save Hair


Solange Knowles The Belgravia CentreSolange Knowles, sister of singing sensation Beyoncé, has been forced to face cruel taunts as she battles to save her hair. Eschewing her usual chemical straightening regime, Solange has instead decided to go “au naturel” and embrace her afro look to improve the appearance and growth of her hair.

Despite its positive motivation, not all of her followers and friends were kind about the change, with some labeling her as “unkempt” and comparing her new style to a homeless person.

A lifetime of hair treatments causes hair loss

Despite the abuse, Solange Knowles is unequivocal in her commitment to natural hair styling. In the past 26 years she estimates having spent £18,000 on various hair treatments in the hope of straightening her afro, including blow drying, chemical straighteners and hair extensions.

Since the age of 12, Solange has used chemical hair straighteners that damaged and dried her hair and burned her scalp. In her 20s she moved on to hair weaves and extensions – measures which began to take their toll on the health of her hair.

Extensions, weaves and hair loss

Hair extensions are woven and glued into the wearer’s own hair, creating tension on the scalp and hair follicles. Over time this tension can lead to clumps of hair being pulled out at the roots – a condition known as Traction Alopecia.

Solange has recounted her own experience of hair extension related hair loss, revealing, “Once, when I was on holiday in Morocco with a boyfriend, I discovered to my horror that a strip of hair had fallen out and was lurking on the floor. I flew across the room and on to the hair as if my life depended on it.”

Health concerns – the final straw

Solange finally made the decision to stop using extensions and weaves after a report published in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggested there was a link between chemical hair relaxants and growths. The study indicated that hair relaxers were partially responsible for the growth of non-cancerous tumours in the womb of users.

Since then Solange Knowles has sworn off hair treatments, favouring a head of hair over patchy hair loss and associated health conditions.

It’s not too late

Solange’s story is not unique – the hair care industry is thought to be worth many billions of pounds each year, and just like Solange, many women experience hair loss as a direct result of these treatments.

Fortunately for Solange, her hair loss appears to have been temporary and her hair is growing back normally. Other women, however, may require some additional assistance to promote natural hair regrowth.

The Belgravia Centre has a proven track record of helping women who have lost hair as a result of extensions or scalp damage, using their unique hair loss treatments to promote natural hair regrowth in even the most stubborn cases of loss.

If you’re concerned about extension related hair loss, contact us online or call 0800 077 6666 to arrange a free consultation with one of our hair loss experts at our London clinic, or complete our online diagnostic form for a home use treatment programme to be sent to you in the post.

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