Slaven Bilić's Woolly hat... could it be hiding his hairline?

Slavan Bilich Wearing Hat

Anyone who has been watching the Euro 2012 finals from Poland and Ukraine will have heard the commentators mention frequently how warm and humid conditions have been in the stadium. In light of this, viewers of the Republic of Ireland versus Croatia match may have been surprised to see the Croatian coach, Slaven Bilić, wearing a thick woolly hat throughout the game.

There are few medical reasons for wearing a hat in 30 degree conditions, so what could Bilić be keeping under his hat?

Hat hiding hairline?

During his own playing career, Bilić was the proud owner of a thick, shaggy head of hair. Since taking over management of his national team, however, it is clear that his hair is thinning and receding rapidly at the front. It is therefore entirely possible that Bilićs headgear could be more of a hair loss cover up than a protection against the cold.

What is causing his hair to fall out?

Any football manager will tell you that although managing their national side is a great honour, the weight of expectation is also extremely stressful, particularly during an international tournament. It is quite possible that stress is having a negative impact on Bilić’s hairline.

However, given his age (43), it is also possible that Slaven’s hair is receding due to a genetic predisposition. Known as Male Pattern Hair Loss, this form of hair loss affects around 45% of all men in the same age bracket. Bilić’s earlier career as a player may even have helped exacerbate the loss; high levels of exercise (as required by professional footballers) is known to raise the body’s levels of testosterone, which can increase the action of Androgenic Alopecia and cause hair to be lost even more quickly.

Slaven Bilic Receding HairlineCan the Croatian cap situation be cured?

If Bilić’s cap is concealing a case of hair loss, there are a number of treatments that could help. Here at The Belgravia Centre, we use a number of clinically proven, medically licensed medications which can help slow hair loss and encourage regrowth. Our customer testimonial archive contains hundreds of success stories, each including photos, from patients who have received treatment for all different forms of hair loss.

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