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Simple and Effective Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss isn't what you thought it wasBig, small, fat, skinny, tall or short – you might have thought hair loss fits a particular mould but it can occur in anyone of any age for a number of reasons. These days it’s more prevalent than ever with not only genetics to blame but lifestyle and environmental factors playing a part too. According to statistics, around 80% of men and about 40% of women will undergo massive hair loss sometime in the span of their life. These three effective hair loss solutions that can eradicate the problem in most cases.

  1. Hair Loss Medications
    Some of the main solutions to hair loss are the proven medications that address the root problem. Especially effective for genetic forms of hair loss, Propecia and minoxidil are the reputable and FDA-approved medications that inhibit the creation of the hair loss causing bi-product in the body and initiate the re-growth of hair. With all medication, it’s important to be aware of the side effects but it’s also reassuring to know that they respectively have a less than 2% and 4% chance of occurrence. Depending on the type of hair loss you have, these medications may need to be taken for life or until you get the results you desire but years of scientific and clinical studies prove they really are the bees knees when it comes to hair loss solutions.
  2. Laser Therapy
    A simple and cost-effective hair loss solution is laser therapy using the HairMax LaserComb. The personal, FDA-cleared, low level laser device stimulates and starts a new procession of healthy hair growth by dividing the hair cells and increasing blood and nutrient supply to the follicles. No other laser product has proven to penetrate the scalp as effectively as this device which uses combs to part the hair in order to prevent hair from blocking the light from reaching the scalp. From voluminous to minimal results, success of laser therapy differs from person to person. However it’s been shown to be most effective when used in combination with other proven hair loss solutions.
  3. Diet Overhaul
    Another relatively simple hair loss solution is to have a proper nutritional diet that avoids the foods that can cause hair loss and incorporates the foods that prevent hair loss and keep the hair healthy. Medical experts agree that hair loss occurs on individuals with certain deficiencies in some important nutrients so of course it makes sense that improving your diet will be an effective hair loss solution for some. While high-fat, high-sugar diets deplete the body of vital nutrients our hair needs to grow and look healthy, eating foods rich in iron, fibre, protein and vitamins and minerals will help lessen the possibility of hair loss by providing the essential building blocks for hair.

Hair loss affects so many people in today’s society and the statistics plainly show just how much of a problem it is. You should always check with a hair loss specialist to rule out if an unforeseen medical source is responsible but no matter what the cause, the problem of hair loss can be overcome with the help of the right treatment or a combination of effective hair loss solutions.

Contact the Belgravia Centre to speak to a hair loss expert or fill in the online diagnostic form to accept specialist advice from anywhere in the world and find out which solution is the best for your hair loss condition.

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