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Silvio Berlusconi Hair Growth Mystery: Another Hair Transplant?

silvio berlusconi hairAs the controversial Italian ex-PM launches his bid to reclaim his position in next month’s elections, Silvio Berlusconi has been photographed at dinner with his fiancee Francesca Pascale, who is almost 50 years his junior. The former Premier’s battle with hair loss has been well documented, and as he appeared with a receding hairline that appears to have been halted, the possibility of another hair transplant is there.

One, Twice, Three Times A Transplant?

The 76 year old first had a hair transplant back in 2004 – when he commented: “I am very happy to have subjected myself to such pain” – and has used other methods such as hair makeup to conceal his loss. After just one year, however, Berlusconi returned to his surgeon for a second transplant, and whilst this may have been part of the original plan, it is more likely that the transplant wasn’t maintained properly, or, as sometimes happens, the hair shed despite attempts to maintain it.

What many don’t realise is that a hair transplant requires a hair loss treatment programme containing clinically proven hair loss medications to prevent the hair that was transplanted from shedding, and as such is not a one-off quick fix.

No Quick Fix

Berlusconi now appears to have had further hair transplanted, though this is yet to be confirmed, and he also seems to have had a bit more luck maintaining its density. A hair loss treatment programme that contains at least one clinically proven hair loss medication would be required to maintain the transplant and the remainder of his natural hair atop his scalp.

The MHRA licensed and FDA approved medication Propecia is great at reversing the effects of powerful androgen DHTwhich damages scalp follicles in those predisposed to male pattern hair loss, and as such is one off two key aspects to a hair loss treatment plan.

A second clinically proven medication, minoxidil, is also useful to halt hair loss, and when applied directly to thinning areas of the scalp, it can regrow hair with surprising ease. Had Berlusconi used our unique high strength minoxidil cream on his receding hairline before it became completely bald, he may have avoided the need for a transplant. Along with these medications, a comprehensive approach to hair loss should also include treatment boosters, which maintain the hair’s condition and can, in some cases, encourage faster regrowth.

Not The Best Option

If you’re considering a hair transplant, it is important that a medical-based hair loss treatment programme is attempted for a minimum of six months first; this is because a transplant is the more risky and costly option, and still requires the same medical treatment afterwards.

The Belgravia Centre—————————————————————————————————–

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