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Unless you don’t own any mirrors and never use public toilets, it’s likely you have already noticed some early signs of hair loss. Because if you’re reading this article, you’re probably concerned about the prospect but aren't too sure if you’re just being paranoid. Well, not everyone loses their hair in the same fashion so there’s a few signs you need to watch for other than a bit of hair in the bottom of the shower.

The type of hair loss you have will determine the signs you may notice. Yes, sorry, I did say have. We all know prevention is better than a cure but sometimes hair loss just happens. However baldness doesn’t happen overnight and no matter what type of hair loss you have, there are early signs that can act as warnings that it’s time to take up further preventative measures.

Genetic Hair Loss

Unfortunately, you can’t always trust Mum and Dad. Just because your Dad developed a bald patch when he was 22 doesn’t mean you’re in the clear if you still have a full head of hair when you’re 28. And if you’re Mum started thinning in her 40’s it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve still got a few more years left up your sleeve. On the other hand, just because your parents lost their hair doesn’t mean you’re heading down the same path.

The genes for hair loss can be inherited from both sides of the family but they can also skip generations. While genetics can determine the pattern of hair loss, your parents aren’t always your blueprint. There are few different forms genetic hair loss can adopt and being aware of these will help you determine if you show signs of this type of hair loss.

Male pattern baldness generally takes on two early appearances. You may start to notice a gradual recession of the hairline, particularly at the temples, or the development of a bald patch at the back of your head. Otherwise, you may not see either of these signs but realise that your hair, particularly at the crown, doesn’t feel as thick as it once did. This may also be the case for women who have female pattern hair loss. They very rarely actually recede but it’s not unheard of.

So the signs of hair loss you need to watch for are:

  • Hair loss that runs in the family

  • A receding hairline

  • Thinner hair than usual

  • A wider centre part

  • Ability to see the scalp through the hair at the top of the head

Diffuse Hair Loss and Telogen Effluvium

Remember how you were told that eating your crust would make your hair go curly? Well, that wasn’t entirely true but what we eat or don’t eat can have an effect on hair growth. Both diffuse hair loss and telogen effluvium result in excess shedding that leads to overall hair thinning. Nutritional deficiencies, particularly iron-deficiency anaemia, can result in hair loss. Other lifestyle factors can also play a part, such smoking and stress.

Signs of hair lossSo the signs of hair loss you need to watch for are:

  • Extra hair fall

  • Thinner hair than usual

  • A dramatic change in diet or weight

  • A stressful event that may have happened a few months ago

Alopecia Areata

This type of hair loss generally comes on very suddenly but sometimes you may not even realise you have it until you go to the hairdresser. It’s not exactly rare, affecting about one person in every 100, but it is temporary in as much as 70% of cases.

The hair loss generally presents itself as coin-sized bald patches on the scalp but it can affect other areas of hair-bearing skin. Some people only have one small bald spot that can be hidden by the rest of the hair but others may have a few more, or even larger patches. Sometimes the hair will grow back on its own, but there are rare cases where alopecia areata can progress to total baldness of the scalp, or even of the whole body.

So the sign of hair loss you need to watch for are:

  • Clumps of hair fall

  • Smooth bald patches

  • If any other family members have or have had the condition

  • Severe infection or extremely stressful situation which may have triggered it

If you think you may have any these signs of hair loss, please feel free to contact the Belgravia Centre for a free appointment on 020 7730 6666. If you’d like more information, please message us or, for access to expert advice about your individual situation without the need to come into the centre, fill in the online diagnostic form and a Belgravia treatment advisor will contact you promptly.

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Posted by Kate

In this article: Hair Loss