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The pressure of having long and lustrous hair is off well, shifted at least. Hair loss may be a problem for 40% of women and the body issue that they feel would make them least attractive to men, but the secret to sexual allure and looking younger than your years is in your lips, not your locks, according to a new study.

Full and firm lips were a priority for 20,728 Americans who had lip augmentation in 2008, down 3% from 2007 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), but we could see this percentage rise again amid new pressures generated by the study in which researchers analysed the faces of 102 pairs of female twins and 162 British women aged between 45-81.

"When we identified people who looked young for their age, we were struck by the difference in their lip," said David Gunn, a scientist at Unilever and coordinator of the study which was published in PLoS One journal. "It is a feature that is strongly genetically determined and relatively easy to measure."

Like the shape and size of our lips, hair loss in women may also be genetic. However, it is often an unwelcome side effect of hormonal disorders, medical conditions, diet or stress and should be dealt with if only to eliminate other possible problems. When planned and supervised by a medically-trained specialist, a course of medical hair loss treatments can effectively stabilise, correct and control the problem while the cause is being addressed.

Cosmetic surgery gone wrongLip augmentation, on the other hand, is purely a cosmetic procedure that demands a high degree of caution. Currently, 31% of women would consider cosmetic surgery for themselves now or in the future.

"Numerous injectable fillers have entered the market over [the years] giving patients a number of options for fuller, younger lips," ASPS Member Surgeon Dr Miles Graivier said. "But patients need to be aware of the risks and benefits of these products. Some fillers carry a higher risk of complication depending upon where they are injected, which can lead to unsatisfactory results."

Just as hair thinning tends to occur with age, our lips too can start shrinking when we reach 30 or 40. But Graivier says if performed effectively, lip augmentation can take years off your face.

Angelina Jolie Lips"When most people think of lip augmentation, they immediately picture lips like Angelina Jolie," he said. "However, the average lip augmentation patient is aged 35-64 and has the procedure to restore, not to over fill. Lip augmentation, combined with rejuvenation of surrounding problem areas like laugh lines, can really remove years from your appearance."

If you're like the average 70% of women who are not up for injectables, you might prefer lip-plumping glosses to puff up your pout. And if you want to find out more about the safe and effective hair loss treatments for women, call the Belgravia Centre on 020 7730 6666 or message the centre for more information. Or you may wish to complete an online diagnostic form to receive free expert advice and personalised recommendations.

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