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Secrets to Looking Younger: Natural Colour and Hair Loss Treatments

In our nip, tick, tuck day and age when men and women are coaxed into believing there’s nothing that the surgeon’s knife can’t fix, it might come as some relief that experts are attempting to remind us that preventative measures can go a long way in the fight against aging and sometimes, even going au natural can take years off your appearance.

Women can help themselves look younger just by sticking to their natural hair colour, according to celebrity hair stylist Andrew Barton. Before Australian actress Nicole Kidman recently dyed her hair brunette, Barton commented about how wise she was to revert to her roots.

Nicole Kidman: blonde, red and brunette

Though now a darker tone, the 42-year-old Moulin Rouge star had flaunted her natural trademark red hair for the past year after many years of being a blonde beauty.

“Presumably Nicole’s chosen to go natural because it’s easier to live with, re-growth isn’t as obvious and you may not need to wear as much makeup to compliment the artificial shade you choose. Such a retro look has taken years off her,” he stated.

Nicole Kidman with grey hair regrowthSome might say it’s more to do with cosmetic surgery than hair colour, but what is one to do about greying or thinning hair? It seems inevitable as we age – in fact, even Nic has been spotted with silver regrowth – but the experts say there are ways to curb the process.

As women age, changes in hormone levels often result in a number of unwanted side effects, such as fatigue, loss of libido, depression and hair loss. But hair loss treatments can provide men and women with the opportunity to prevent, and to some degree even reverse, the signs of hereditary hair thinning.

“Certain lifestyle adjustments could prolong the onset of genetic pattern hair loss,” said Leonora Doclis, hair loss specialist of The Belgravia Centre. “But if and when it does arise, there are ways to control the outcome by employing a personlised treatment programme that incorporates the most effective treatments for hair loss.”

And although studies have found grey hair in women to be largely unavoidable, some experts suggest that there are ways of avoiding premature greying.

Firstly, don’t pull out your stray grey hairs. If repeated often enough, this can impart enough damage on the follicle that it can become scarred and stop producing hair growth all together. Instead, stay calm and stop smoking. Many believe that stress can trigger a process that leads to a loss of pigment in the hair, and some research indicates that smoking speeds up the aging process of the skin, body and hair. Finally, the age-old adage “you are what you eat” rings true in our tresses, so some say. Eat a well balanced diet of dark leafy greens, lean red meat, and B-vitamin rich foods to help nourish the hair root and ensure that you provide your scalp with an optimum environment for healthy hair growth.

For further information or to arrange a free consultation with a hair and scalp specialist, contact The Belgravia Centre on 020 7730 6666 or message the centre. Alternatively, simply fill an online diagnostic form to find out what’s causing your condition and what can be done to reverse and prevent the damage.

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