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Hair Loss Treatment Success: “Belgravia have prolonged my modelling career”

Sean Moore is one of many of the Belgravia Centre’s long-standing patients. You may have seen him on Belgravia’s newspaper and magazine adverts.

Sean Moore Hair LossMoore began treatment in 1996 when as a young man he noticed some excess hair fall and slight thinning around his temples. Now, over 10 years into his treatment he still has a thick head of hair.  Unfortunately we do not have any hair loss photo-scans for Sean as he began his treatment course before we offered the photo-monitoring service.

“When I first started losing my hair I was convinced my days as a model were numbered. I was desperate to do something to prevent it but wasn’t confident there was a genuine solution to the problem. I tried a number of off-the-shelf products that had no benefit to my hair loss whatsoever so decided to contact Belgravia. After about 3 months, to my relief, I noticed that my hair had thickened up considerably. It’s now been over 10 years since I started treatment and my hair’s still looking as it was when I started. Belgravia have definitely prolonged my modeling career.”

Moore uses a combination of high strength minoxidil and Propecia, as well as Belgravia’s shampoo and conditioner, and regularly visits for clinical treatments at the centre.

“It’s not only the results that have kept me a loyal patient of the Belgravia Centre, but the service I receive is second-to-none. I’m always greeted with a smile during my visits to the centre and everything will always be dealt with on-time and without any problems.”

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