Scientists Assess Hair Damage by Studying Hair's Movement

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Researchers from a German haircare brand, working in conjunction with Manchester University, have carried out research into the way human hair moves.

Their goal was to understand if the movement of hair tresses is a reflection of the condition of the hair. In short: they wanted to see how damaged, chemically treated or thinning hair moves in comparison to healthier, fuller and natural locks.

Long-term, these findings could have important ramifications for people with unhealthy hair, possibly allowing people to head off potential causes of damage or hair loss before it becomes too problematic.

Beauty related to movement

Scientists Study Hair Movement

According to the website, the Henkel scientists' report explains that “the perception of the beauty of hair is largely influenced by the way it moves in a dynamic environment as part of a hairstyle.

The report states that such factors as the hair’s age and the number of chemical treatments it has been subjected to play a significant part in how hair moves. An additional factor was greying as, just like bleached, permed and relaxed hair, grey hair was found to move differently.

With this novel method, effects of various types of hair damage, related to intrinsic ageing and different chemical treatments, on the movement pattern on hair tresses have been studied systematically and quantitatively for the first time,” says the report's lead author Erik Schulze zur Wiesche.

What is especially interesting is that the team had to develop a new device to simulate hair movement for the tests. Once they had done this moving strands of hair were recorded on a high-speed camera and the images were analysed.

Although it is entirely possible that shedding can be a result of unhealthy hair, more often than not a hair loss condition is the result of genetics, external factors such as hormones or stress, or plain old bad luck. It is true, however, that bleaching hair and overdoing it with the straighteners can lead to quite serious problems.

Keeping hair healthy

Hair Vitalics - Dietary Supplements for Hair Health from The Belgravia Centre

There are a number of ways to keep hair healthy including going easy on any of the aforementioned styling trends. Hair can also be kept in good shape with the correct dosage of vitamins and minerals, the intake of which can be easily handled in pill form if your diet is sometimes lacking.

Belgravia's highly-targetted dietary supplement Hair Vitalics, for example, is one such product, and contains Vitamins A, C and B6 as well as Folic Acid, Iron Sulphate, Biotin and multiple other ingredients known to keep hair and scalps healthy.

General overall health and good fitness levels can also contribute to a healthy head of hair, but they cannot prevent the problems associated with genetic hair loss (Male Pattern Baldness and Female Pattern Hair Loss) or Alopecia Areata, the two most common forms of hair loss.

If you notice that you are shedding more hair than usual for an extended period and are worried about the volume of your hair rather than its lustre a visit to a hair loss specialist is likely to be more beneficial than a trip to the stylist.

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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss

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