Scalp is Flaky and Has Bald Patches After Sunburn'

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Question: Hi, I cut my hair short army style the other day for the first time as I've been losing hair steadily due to health issues. So i wanted to see how much i had lost by shaving it 2-3 mm short. After that i went to the beach for a couple of hours and i didn't think to put cream on my head and got burned. Next day it was uncomfortable and I had blisters, so before bedtime i was advised to put coconut oil to moisten the scalp. Bad advice. I woke up with my head feeling on fire and itching like crazy. I scratched all night long and had to run my head under cold water. Now my head is flaky and i see lots of bald patches. I don't know what kind of degree this burn would be but I'm afraid my hair is gone

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