Sarah Palin Jokes About Vice President Joe Biden's Hair Loss

Sarah Palin recently gave a speech in which she poked fun at Vice President Joe Biden's hair loss.

Hair seems to be increasingly important in the world of US politics, at least for the Republicans. Following on from Andy McKenna’s bid to be Illinois Governor with his Hair Campaign video, Sarah Palin has been making comments about the hair loss of Vice President Joe Biden, her counterpart in last year’s elections.

At a recent dinner in Washington, attended by a number of famous journalists and considered to be a ritual for those aiming for Presidency, Palin attempted to be simultaneously humorous and self-deprecating in front of the gathering of opinion makers. Making reference to her recently published memoir, Going Rogue, which she is currently promoting at full pelt across the states, Palin mocked that if last year’s election had turned out differently, “I could be overseeing the signing of bailout cheques and Vice President Biden could be on the road selling his book ‘Going Rogaine’.” Rogaine is a brand name for the hair loss treatment Minoxidil.

Minoxidil is used the world over by hair loss sufferers and is one of only two products that have been licensed by the MHRA and FDA-approved for the treatment of hair loss in the UK and USA resepctively.

Biden has thinning hair and it’s been reported that he has undergone a series of hair transplants in a bid to retain his crowning glory. While hair loss is not uncommon for someone of Biden’s age (67), in the world of modern politics, image is increasingly becoming an important tool used to connect with voters across the age spectrum and many men are turning to hair loss treatments and hair transplants.

Vice President Joe Biden is said to have had a number of hair transplants to treat his thinning hair.Despite her jokes, Palin was also reported to suffering from thinning hair last year, as the stress of the presidency election race ramped up. At one point Palin was criticised for spending too much on her appearance with reports that the campaign attributed at least $150,000 to her wardrobe. At the recent dinner Palin made a joke about this and said that she had originally thought of entitling her book ‘How To Look Like a Million Bucks, For Only $150,000’. Minoxidil can be used by women as well as men, although it is not known whether Palin herself used the treatment.

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