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Salons Offering Hair Loss Help

Hair CutHair loss affects many people, both male and female, and a growing number of hair salons are recognising this fact by offering services tailored towards hair loss sufferers.

In Norton in Yorkshire, Sue Jennison, owner of The Cutting Room, has recently undertaken a diploma qualification entitled ‘My New Hair’.

“It trains professional hair dressers to provide a wig-styling service for people suffering cancer and medical hair loss,” she told the Gazette Herald. “By providing this service we can give someone an incredible confidence and body image boost.”

Salons take up the fight against hair loss

Meanwhile, in Birmingham, the Pink Hair salon has recently won a Small Business Award after opening three years ago as a specialist in wig styling for those who have suffered from hair loss.

Across the Atlantic, in Sumter, South Carolina, beautician Julia Colclough has been helping hair loss sufferers from her Shadae Beauty Salon since the early nineties.

“My passion is dealing with people that suffer from hair loss,” Ms. Colclough explains. “I try to make them aware of the continuous awareness of their hair.”

As well as offering advice on hair loss and lifestyle choices that can affect the health of their hair, Ms Colclough also offers her clients low-level laser therapy intended to stabilise hair follicles and promote growth.

Such easily accessible services are clearly a major help to hair loss sufferers, but the treatments that hair salons can offer may be somewhat limited in comparison to a dedicated hair loss clinic staffed by doctors and nurses.

While salons can help their customers to hide the effects of hair loss and advise them on good hair health, hair loss clinics such as the Belgravia Centre offer a comprehensive treatment plan which can not only stabilise hair loss but in many cases also result in hair re-growth.

Professional hair loss treatments

Reception Final MediumBelgravia treat a wide range of hair loss conditions, including genetic hair loss, traction alopecia and telogen effluvium. Once the underlying reasons for a patient’s hair loss has been ascertained by our expert trichologists, an appropriate treatment plan is selected, combined with regular monitoring of the condition.

The core of many of our treatments is based around Minoxidil and Propecia, the only two pharmaceutical hair loss treatments for genetic hair loss licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

But an integral part of Belgravia’s unique treatment programmes are the hair growth boosters, such as Hair Vitalics nutritional supplements and laser combs to maximise hair re-growth results and prevent further hair loss. Contact Belgravia for a consultation to discuss your hair loss condition, or feel free to complete an online diagnosis form for a home-use treatment course.

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