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Sainsbury’s Staff Raise Money for Hair Loss Charity


BeBold Sainsburys Buxton The Belgravia CentreThe staff at Sainsbury’s in Buxton put together a special fundraising weekend to help raise money for hair loss charity, BeBold Alopecia Awareness.

Employees at the Eagle Parade store created a festive atmosphere by donning colourful costumes and bright wigs in support of the charity. They were joined by special guest Julia Ross, who suffers from Alopecia, and was on hand to raise awareness about the charity and living with the condition.

As a result of their hard work, the staff at Sainsbury’s in Buxton raised over £200 for BeBold.

What is Alopecia?

Alopecia Areata is a form of hair loss characterised by sudden patchy loss of hair, caused by follicles prematurely entering the telogen (resting) phrase. Alopecia Areata is quite common, affecting as many as one in one thousand at some time in their life. The good news is, depending on its severity, hair loss treatment for Alopecia Areata can be very successful.

Severe Alopecia Areata may develop into Alopecia Universalis, where all hair on the body is lost – including eyebrows and eyelashes. This condition is far more difficult to treat.
The exact cause of Alopecia is not known, but it is classed as an auto-immune condition.

BeBold Alopecia Awareness

BeBold Alopecia Awareness is a charity dedicated to helping build confidence and self-esteem in children and adults who suffer from Alopecia. Members of the charity become part of a wide support network of people who either suffer from the condition themselves, or who are able to offer information and resources on living with the condition. Through their work, the charity seeks to help those with Alopecia create positive strategies to manage their condition, as well as increase general community awareness of the condition.

Find out more about the charity by visiting their website: http://www.bebold.org.uk/

The Belgravia Centre

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