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Ryan Giggs Reportedly Undergoing Hair Loss Treatment

Giggs Hair Treatment The Belgravia Centre Male Pattern Hair LossRyan Giggs must be getting used to media scrutiny of his personal life by now, for reasons that we won’t get into here. A recent report in The Sun has put an entirely different aspect of the footballer’s life into the spotlight, however.

According to the newspaper, Wayne Rooney isn’t the only Manchester United player who has recently undergone treatment for hair loss. It is alleged that Ryan “Giggsy” Giggs spent £30,000 treating his hair loss, a steep cost for results that could have been achieved to the same, if not better standards, for a much lower cost.

The Sun, and other media outlets which have inevitably picked up the story, claim that Ryan Giggs is losing his hair due to the stress of the recent scrutiny of his personal life. This would of course fit the story perfectly, and hair loss can indeed be caused by stress, but judging by the pictures, if he has indeed had treatment, it would probably have been for Male Pattern Baldness, which is a genetic condition that can be triggered or accelerated by stress.

What Treatments Might Giggs be Using?

Effective results would only have been achieved from a combination of the medically licensed treatments and might have been increased by various hair growth boosters. Reports have stated that Giggs has been using a home-use laser device as part of his treatment regime. As laser is not a proven treatment for hair loss, it is unlikely that this treatment would have had a significant effect alone, but used in conjunction with Propecia and the suitable dose of minoxidil with a hair growth supplement such as Hair Vitalics, Giggs would have seen considerable success.

A good strategy for treating hair loss

The Belgravia Centre offers tailor made treatment programmes which can include all of the medically proven treatments for hair loss, as well as hair growth boosters to accelerate and increase results.

The Laser device that is offered within Belgravia’s treatment programmes is the only one that has shown evidence that it is effective in reducing hair loss and has been ‘FDA Cleared‘. The HairMax LaserComb is a hand-held device which has a patented design. This advanced comb parts the hair to ensure the laser light beams penetrate the scalp and do not get caught up in the hair. All other similar devices do not carry out this action which means that most of the light gets caught in the hair and has no effect on stimulating the follicles. The LaserComb is offered free with most treatment programmes… more information on our LaserComb page.

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