Rugby's Heather Fisher Shares Her Alopecia Areata Wig Journey

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When people - women, in particular - lose their hair to extensive Alopecia Areata, one of the decisions they face is whether or not to wear a wig.

Rugby player, Heather Fisher has been vocal in the past about her choice not to wear one, opting to boldy display her bald head. Her hair loss, caused by Alopecia Universalis, means the 34 year old's body has rejected her hair follicles from head to toe, leaving her entirely hairless.

heather fisher rugby tries wig

Taking nothing away from the courage it takes to make such a statement in an increasingly image-obsessed society, Fisher thought she might fancy a change occasionally - for the warmth if nothing else! She took to social media to share her trying out a custom wig for the first time, and the reasons behind her slight change of heart.

Not trying to hide

In a frank Instagram post Fisher explained that she wasn't trying out a wig in order to hide, but just to see what it was like, making it clear that whether someone decides to wear a wig or not does not matter - both options are ok.

"...always been almost afraid of a wig because it isn’t real.. and for those of u who know me know I’m true to me.. so on this bases it didn't feel right to wear one or consider one .. but sometimes it would just be nice to know I can dress up and still be me," she wrote in the accompanying caption.

After having the wig cut and styled by a hairdresser, the rugby union and sevens star said, "Gonna take some getting used to but love it !"

Opportunity to blend in - or stand out

Fisher is known for her positivity and refreshing honesty in discussing the autoimmune disorder which caused her to start losing her hair aged 25. She has admitted how, even despite her mental toughness, coping with such extensive hair loss has been a real struggle at times.

Although new options for all forms are in development, Alopecia Areata treatment currently tends to only have significant success rates when treating the scalp-only version of the condition.

As such, one of the draws a wig offered the amiable flanker was giving her the ability to blend in, should she choose to.

"I never knew that wearing a wig would bring emotions of anger and frustration but it does .. trust me .. so this stage of having a custom made piece just gives me the opportunity to sometimes blend in!! Although , don’t the best people always stand out..."

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Posted by Sarah

In this article: Hair Loss | Alopecia

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