Is Rooney's Hair Loss Increasing Post-Hair Transplant?

Rooney's hair at England Training Session The Belgravia Centre

With a two match ban preventing Wayne Rooney from playing in England’s opening matches at the Euro 2012 Championships, attention has once again shifted from his footballing skills to his changing hairline. Photographs taken during a team training session earlier this week show clear signs of thinning on the 26-year-old’s head in spite of the hair transplant procedure that he underwent last year.

Around a quarter of men the same age as Rooney will experience some hair loss, but few will have spent £30,000 on a particular treatment method.

Towards the end of the domestic football season, Rooney had taken to wearing his hair much longer than normal, leading many to speculate that the loss and receding hair line which had dogged the player for years had returned.

What is happening to his hair?

Rooney suffers from a common condition called Male Pattern Hair Loss. It's a condition that can be effectively prevented with the right combination of medically proven treatments and hair growth boosters, but unfortunately Rooney left it a little late and required a hair transplant.

Although the hair that is transplanted from the back and sides of the scalp to the top is not susceptible to further hair loss, the 'old hair' around those transplanted hairs will still be susceptible. We think that in Rooney's case, he has not been using sufficient maintenance treatments to ensure no further hair loss takes place, which is why his hair is appearing to continue to thin.

Effective hair loss treatments

Here at The Belgravia Centre, following a full diagnosis, our patients are given a custom treatment plan which usually involves the use of medications proven to prevent further hair loss and encourage new growth. Belgravia's treatments provide exceptional results when it comes to hair natural regrowth. You can read the success stories of hundreds of our clients in our online database, which include comments written in our reception's comments book and on our Facebook Page.

More than Medications

Medications play a significant role in our treatment plans, but there are a number of other factors which make The Belgravia Centre’s service so effective. Our unique Hair Growth Boosters help patients to create the ideal circumstances for natural regrowth. But what really makes our offering stand out is the excellent service offered to all of our patients.

We recognize that every person experiencing hair loss has unique needs and we tailor everything we do to the individual. Whether you are an international footballer, or simply a man or woman concerned about your hair loss, why not give us a call today on 0800 077 6666 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation with one of our hair loss experts? Alternatively, fill in our online diagnostic form and we can send you a home use treatment kit anywhere in the world.

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