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Rooney’s Pitch Perfect Performance and Propecia

Wayne Rooney The Belgravia CentreWayne Rooney’s performance for Manchester United at the beginning of the season has been so good that Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson has called him “the white Pelé”.  High praise indeed from Sir Alex!

Rooney has been much in the news this year because of his hair transplant, and the varying state of his barnet. Rooney wouldn’t be the first man to find that  restoration of your hair line, if you are experiencing male pattern baldness, can go a long way to restoring a man’s self esteem and confidence.  But this may not be the full story behind Rooney’s return to form on the pitch.

An extra factor

In addition to having had a hair transplant, Rooney has been taking the medication Propecia. This medication, licensed by the MHRA, contains the active ingredient finasteride which has been shown to inhibit the formation of the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  For those who are genetically disposed to thinning and receding hair the hairloss begins when the male hormone testosterone is converted into the androgen DHT, by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. It is the effect of  DHT that inhibits the growth of new hair cells. This in turn leads to male hair loss and in many cases, eventual baldness.  Because Propecia reduces the formation of DHT it  helps to overcome male pattern baldness and stimulates hair regrowth. It is routinely prescribed alongside hair transplants.

According to some recent reports, some men seem to experience more energy and also an increase in muscle mass and performance – even an increased sex drive – when taking Propecia. Could this account for Rooney’s return to footballing form?

The view from Belgravia

In response to the reports of Rooney’s use of Propecia, The Belgravia Centre’s hair loss expert, Leonora Doclis said, “Propecia is a very effective hair growth stimulant and stabiliser.  It is particularly useful for someone who has had a hair transplant like Wayne Rooney. This once a day pill can help to maintain the hair growth around the transplanted hair. Combining Propecia with one or more other specialist treatments can almost guarantee no further hair loss. Failure to take medications after a hair transplant often leads to continued hair loss around the areas of transplanted hair.”

Leonora went on to say that combining the right treatments can be so successful in stimulating hair growth that,  in most cases,  men at the early stage of hair loss may not require a hair transplant.

Varied  treatments to score hair restoration goals

Here at The Belgravia Centre Propecia is not the only hair loss treatment that we would recommend. In addition we can prescribe Minoxidil (another MHRA approved drug that combats hairloss) and combine pharmaceutical treatment with other hair growth boosters such as our Hair Vitalics nutritional supplement and the HairMax LaserComb. It all depends on your needs. Many of our clients have recorded their success stories on our website.

So if, as was once the case with Rooney, hair loss is undermining your confidence and preventing you hitting the back of the net, contact us for a free consultation or fill in our online diagnostic form for a tailor made treatment that can be posted to you anywhere in the world.

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