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Rooney’s Hair Hits the Headlines. Again!

Wayne Rooney Dyes Hair Brown The Belgravia CentreAfter the furore surrounding Wayne Rooney’s recent hair transplant, died down, and we’d all looked a the grainy Twitter self-portrait, we could have reasonably expected the story to have run its course. But once again the hairline of England’s finest striker is in the news (in between details of his off-field indiscretions!).

Eagle-eyed football fans have noted that as well as a restored hairline, Rooney’s locks have taken on a distinctly grey appearance.  This week, after nearly two months of speculation, Daniel Johnson, hair stylist for many of the Manchester United team, confirmed that Rooney had approached him after a recent training session for advice. Johnson went on to confirm that Rooney had had his hair coloured to cover the greyer patches.

What’s so important about grey hair?

In general, greying hair is a natural process, for both men and women, and is therefore nothing to worry about. In Rooney’s case however the surgeons who performed the transplant have admitted that one of the side effects of such a procedure is premature greying of the newly implanted hair.

People who find themselves in a similar situation to Rooney may question why after spending £30,000 their hair is greying unexpectedly. Rooney’s apparent unpreparedness for this situation suggests that even he was caught unawares.

Is that all?

This latest development in the Rooney hair transplant saga is the latest in a number of problems faced by the young footballer and his ongoing efforts to deal with hair loss. Despite there having been a huge amount of media criticism regarding the cost of the operation, there were also concerns from hair loss specialists regarding the procedure itself.

Wayne Rooneys Freshly Dyed Hair The Belgravia CentreMany hair transplant practitioners went on record to outline their concerns regarding the procedure being performed on a man as young as Wayne Rooney, suggesting that men under 25 should not undergo the surgical procedure. Dr Elena Koleva, consultant doctor at The Belgravia Centre, said;

“A hair transplant is never advised for somebody as young as Wayne Rooney. Although hair can be restored to the areas of baldness, the hair around around the restored hair will keep thinning and could result in patches of healthy hair around bald or thinning areas. Regrowth treatments need to be used to maintain the rest of the hair after a hair transplant, so we always advise hair loss sufferers to try these before because they often result in considerable amounts of regrowth”

Male Pattern Balding

Around half of all British men will experience Male Pattern Baldness before they reach the age of 50, with thinning normally beginning in their early twenties to mid-thirties.  The condition, known as Androgenic Alopecia, is caused by a hormonal change which prevents the growth of new hair cells. As hair cells stop growing, the older hairs fall out and are not replaced, leading to the appearance of bald patches and a receding hairline. More specifically Androgenic Alopecia is a genetic condition which runs in families and sees the hormone testosterone converted to a secondary hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Surgery is not the best option

Despite the apparent success of Rooney’s hair transplant operation, the concerns about his age, and now the premature graying of the transplanted regions raise questions as to the efficacy of the treatment. Many hair transplant surgeons recommend that men wait until they are at least 25, if not 30 before considering such a drastic course of action. As with any operations, experts agree that surgery should always be the option considered last because such procedures always carry an element of risk.

For men and women experiencing hair loss, regardless of age, The Belgravia Centre’s specialists would always advise that a client investigate the non-surgical options which are available. During an initial consultation, our hair loss specialists conduct a full investigation and obtain a medical history to help devise a personal treatment plan which is geared towards a client’s individual needs. Alternatively you can fill in our on-line diagnostic form for a course of treatment tailored to your needs that can be sent anywhere in the world.

A hair loss treatment plan from The Belgravia Centre will always seek to retain existing hair, and then to promote regrowth. Depending on the hair loss expert’s recommendations, these treatment plans can involve the use of proven hair loss prevention medications Minoxidil or Propecia, both licensed by the MHRA, coupled with additional hair growth boosters to give patients the best possible regrowth potential.

What do they say?

Despite having tweeted his new hair to the world, Rooney now remains tight lipped about the transplant surgery. Whether this is because he no longer feels it worthy of discussion or because he has become disappointed with the outcome is unclear. Either way, effective alternatives to surgery exist, as shown by success stories recorded by The Belgravia Centre’s satisfied customers.

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