Rod Stewart and Gogglebox Speculate About Elton John's Hair

Posted by Mike Peake

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Put two old friends in a pub and it’s often not very long before the friendly insults (ex-partners, football disasters, hair loss, etc) begin, and a recent TV interview with singer Rod Stewart revealed that ribbing and banter would also be the order of the day if that very bar was in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Elton John and Rod Stewart Elton John (inset, Rod Stewart)

"It's sewn on!"

Fun-poking has been a staple of countless cheeky musicians over the years, and rocker Rod is definitely no stranger to doling out the odd gentle ribbing. When he was grilled about his own luscious locks on a Swedish TV show, he just couldn’t resist having a dig at some of his contemporaries.

Rod told the host of the TV show Skavlan: “Well, I have been fortunate I have still got it , unlike a couple of my mates in the music business. I am not going to mention any names.”

To Rod's credit, it was the interviewer who then brought up Rod’s old friend Elton John, but the Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? singer didn’t miss a beat. “It’s been sewn. It’s sewn on!” he said, implying that Elton - who is believed to have had various hair transplant procedures in the past - now wears a weave.

The superstar has been fairly quiet about his hair issues although he did admit to Chris Evans that he felt he looked "like Shrek" without hair due to the shape of his head.

Luckily for Rod, he seems to have deftly avoided the onset of Male Pattern Baldness, and went on to say that he doesn’t need to resort to such measures as Elton because “it’s all there... I put a bit of mousse and blow it upside down and this is what happens.”

Gogglebox hairdressers agree

Elton and hair are two words that have gone together for decades, though hair loss is not a subject that presenters and journalists hoping for an easy interview tend to put to the Tantrums and Tiaras star.

It is widely accepted that Elton has used wigs and hairpieces during in his career to conceal his advanced male pattern baldness, and there is speculation that he was an early adopter of hair transplant procedures. Whilst photographs - which sparked initial rumours that he had undergone surgical restoration in the 1980's - showed what appeared to be unnatural, 'pluggy' looking results likely to have been from an old-style FUT transplant, hair restoration technology has come a long way since then.

Following Rod's comments came further speculation from one of the nation's favourite TV shows: Gogglebox. Whilst watching Sir Elton on-stage at the Royal Variety Performance, hairdressers Stephen and Chris were quick to give their opinions on the 69 year old's hair.

"Is Elton's still a wig or is it plug-ins now?" asked Stephen. "Oh well, they said it was implants wasn't it? But I'm sorry, he had a little tiny strip like * that * around there ," replied Chris. "How on earth are you going to take some out of that and create that amount on top? You ain't - it's a wig."

Dealing with hair loss discreetly

If Stewart and the Gogglebox hairdressers are correct, Sir Elton may be boosting his natural locks with a sew-in weave or hair replacement system. Many men and women in the public eye wear these intricate types of wigs, which can cost thousands of pounds, although few men openly admit to doing so.

A more common practice for men concerned about losing their hair is to seek professional hair loss advice as soon as they start to notice the first signs of thinning in order to find out about and assess their available options.

Once the condition, pattern and level of shedding has been identified, a specialist can often recommend appropriate hair loss treatment to stabilise hair fall and promote regrowth. This way the issue can be dealt with discreetly and efficiently, potentially before it even becomes obvious to others.

Two clinically-proven medications exist for the treatment of male pattern baldness. These are both MHRA licensed and FDA approved and can be used individually or simultaneously in order to inhibit the DHT which causes this type of thinning, and to accelerate the hair growth process. Additional hair growth supporting products may also be added in, as desired.

Hair loss treatment has moved on at an incredible rate since Elton first started losing his hair back in the late 60s/early 1970s, and Male Pattern Baldness is now better understood than ever before. If you are noticing hair thinning at the top, front or both, then a visit to a hair loss specialist will give you access to information and choices that simply weren’t available to Elton back at the start of his career.
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Posted by Mike Peake

In this article: Hair Loss | Male Hair Loss

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