Robbie Williams Had Hair Transplant Because He Was “Bored”

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Hit maker and one-time bad boy of British pop Robbie Williams has admitted joining the ranks of celebrity males opting to undergo a hair transplant operation. Unlike other high profile surgical candidates (Wayne Rooney for instance) who clearly have hair loss conditions, Robbie claims that the operation was not actually required.

Speaking on the Graham Norton Show, Robbie said:

"I've had a thatch done, I'll tell everyone now. I didn't even need it. That's the weirdest thing. I had like three months off and got bored so thought, I'll go in."

Williams indicated that he had “just got some at the sides and front done”.

Did Robbie need “Intensive Care”?

Fast approaching the age of 40, it would be of little surprise if Robbie Williams was actually starting to experience hair loss. Approximately 40% of men the same age will have already experienced some form of hair loss, most commonly due to a genetic condition known as Male Pattern Balding.

Robbie’s wild lifestyle also had the potential to create problems for his hairline. Well-documented abuse of alcohol and drugs have seen Robbie check into rehab on several occasions; the effects of these addictions take their toll on general health and wellbeing. Australian pop star and one time ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ entrant Jason Donovan also experienced hair loss after heavy cocaine use in the 1990s and, like Robbie, sought to restore his hairline when he returned to fame.

“Bodies” and the role of hormones

Robbie Williams also claims to have been diagnosed with a hormone imbalance called “Andropause”, marked by a decrease in the male sex hormone testosterone. Although medical professionals remain divided on the validity of the condition, proponents believe that the hormonal imbalance directly affects hair growth.

Williams believes that Andropause has been responsible for many of his mental health issues over the years, and it would be little surprise if the drop in testosterone levels had affected his hair growth.

“Life Thru A Lens”

It is unclear whether Robbie’s claim that his operation was undertaken purely because he was bored is true. However for men living in the spotlight of constant media attention, maintaining an appearance of youth is paramount, making Robbie’s actions slightly easier to understand.

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