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Rita Ora Sleeps In Hair Masks To Prevent Styling Damage


Chris Appleton, the hairstylist responsible for keeping Rita Ora‘s bleach blonde locks in check, has revealed he makes the singer sleep in a conditioning hair mask.

Extensive maintenance

Rita Ora Sleeps in Hair Conditioning Masks to Maintain Her Bleach Blonde Hair's ConditionAs the Hot Right Now star likes to experiment with her hairstyle regularly, Appleton said he likes to keep her colour consistent. Rita’s ash blonde shade is achieved by bleaching the hair every three weeks which means her hair needs to be kept in optimum condition to avoid hair breakage.

Confessing the upkeep requires a demanding haircare routine, Appleton told the Daily Mail,  “I also make my own hair masks, which I make her sleep in, to ensure that her hair stays in the best condition possible… I’m so strict with Rita, I want to make sure that her hair always looks great, and that means a lot of work. When she has any spare time, I make her condition“.

Damage from over-bleaching

Over-dying, particularly when harsh chemicals like hair bleach are involved, can cause the hair to become brittle, snap and break off. Despite this hair loss not being down to a hair loss condition as such, it can still result in shedding that often causes the hair to look thin and frizzy.

Whilst regular intensive conditioning treatments, as Rita Ora’s hairdresser recommends, will help bleached blondes to keep their hair in prime condition, there are additional methods that can also help to prevent styling damage.

Hairstyles Such As Tight Braids and French Plaits Can Cause Traction Alopecia Hair LossPreventing hair loss from styling damage

If your hair is fragile from colouring try to keep heat-styling to a minimum, and stay away from intricate or tight hairstyles, such as braids, high ponytails or buns – styles that Rita Ora is often seen sporting.

Excessive heat-styling can harm even healthy hair so, if you are using hair straighteners or heated curling tools, make sure you use a protective spray first to minimise any damage.

Tight hairstyles can wreak havoc on hair follicles by placing them under constant tension, and are the primary cause of the hair loss condition Traction Alopecia. This can result in noticeable hair loss around the hairline and in other areas where hairstyles have placed undue pressure. Whilst there is treatment for Traction Alopecia available, the best way to avoid this type of hair loss is to avoid wearing these types of hairstyles on a regular basis.

Hair Growth BoostersIt is possible to ensure strong, healthy hair from within by eating various foods rich in hair-friendly vitamins and minerals, or taking a dietary supplement such as Hair Vitalics, which specifically targets hair health and can help to boost hair growth, as can the FDA-cleared LaserComb.

If you are experiencing more hair loss than usual or are concerned about shedding, visit a hair loss specialist for professional advice as to what is causing your hair fall. They can recommend a comprehensive approach to restoring your hair by using a personalised combination of hair loss treatments, dietary and lifestyle changes and hair growth boosters.

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