Rihanna At Risk Of Hair Loss From New Hair Style

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Pop star Rihanna, who appears to change her hair style more often than most of us change clothes, has once again debuted a new hairdo, reverting back to the style she sported in 2005 when she first broke onto the music scene. The Diamonds singer has added a bit of edge to the style, however, with a shaved section at the side of the otherwise long hair.

A Case of Hair SOS?

The Barbadian party girl stepped out in Hollywood on Sunday night with friends, and appeared happy with her new hair. However, changing from her short, cropped hair style to almost waist-length locks overnight will have serious implications for her natural hair, potentially resulting in hair loss.

The 24 year old singer will need to watch out for signs of traction alopecia, a condition that arises when strain is put on hair follicles from excessively tight hair styles, braided hair or, as in Rihanna's case, attaching extensions to natural hair, therefore putting extra pressure on it.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Over time, if extensions, weaves or braids are kept in, those who wear them may notice a thinning of hair on the relevant areas on the scalp, with thinner hair growing, or a visible lack of hairs. It is natural to be alarmed when you realise you are experiencing female hair loss, but there is no need to worry. The obvious solution to this problem is to cease to use the offending hair extensions or weave, wear your hair in a loose style, and allow it to regrow. However, sometimes the damage the increased pressure of the added weight on the hair shaft has on the hair follicle itself means that the scalp needs a helping hand to be able to regrow hair properly.

The only medically licensed hair loss medication available for women is minoxidil. The liquid or cream is believed to work by activating potassium channels in the scalp, and whilst doctors are not sure why this helps, the fact is that minoxidil works for the vast majority of women as a means to stimulate hair growth in thinning areas. As the damage that causes traction alopecia can often be hard to undo, a high strength 10% and 12.5% minoxidil cream is available which has proven to be very effective at treating the problem.

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