Research Suggests Beehive Product Propolis Could Treat Hair Loss

Bees are an integral part of our ecological system, but they may also be about to take on an additional relevance to people experiencing hair loss.

Encourages hair regrowth

A team of Japanese scientists from Hokkaido University recently discovered that propolis, a resin-like substance used by honeybees to patch up holes in their hives, can encourage hair growth in mice.

Bees and Hair Loss - Could Propolis Help To Regrow Lost Hair?Propolis, known for its healing properties having been used for centuries for treating wounds, burns and acne, can spur on the growth of cells known as keratinocytes, which play a role in hair shaft and follicle production.

Dr. Ken Kobayashi, who led the study, explains “...recent studies pointed out that propolis has anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour and proliferative properties."

"Interestingly, normal hair growth needs active proliferation of hair epithelial cells without excessive inflammation. Therefore, we came up with the idea.”

Study of Brazilian propolis' effect on shaved mice

The Hokkaido University trials found that applying Brazilian propolis topically to the skin of shaved mice stimulated the production of keratinocytes and their migration into the hair shaft.

Japanese University Research Into Propolis As A Hair Regrowth Aid Using Shaved MiceThis saw the treated mice regrow their fur much faster than those left to grow their fur back without assistance.

Although the mice in this study, which was published in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, were shaved and not experiencing any hair loss conditions, researchers are confident that propolis will still regrow hair lost to inflammation.

According to Dr. Kobayashi, propolis could “ improve hair loss due to inflammation through the anti-inflammatory properties and the keratinocyte-proliferative effect”.

Hair loss conditions caused by inflammation

The study is clear that its findings are related to hair loss caused by inflammation. This includes hair loss conditions such as alopecia areata, alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis.

However, as genetic hair loss is caused by a predisposed sensitivity to the hormone DHT and is nothing to do with inflammation, propolis is unlikely to aid hair regrowth in cases of female or male pattern baldness.

Researchers continue to study propolis’ effect on human hair follicles in vitro, with further clinical trial studies due to take place, dependent upon these results.

On-going trials include use with minoxidil

Propolis Could Be Effective In Helping To Regrow Hair When Used In Conjunction With Minoxidil Suggests Scientific Research

Whilst trials are underway into the suitability of propolis as a treatment for alopecia and other types hair loss caused or exacerbated by inflammation, Kobayashi and his team are also exploring how the substance can be incorporated into hereditary hair loss treatment programmes.

The aim is to find out if it can improve the efficacy of regrowing hair by using propolis in conjunction with minoxidil, the only hair loss treatment that is MHRA licensed and FDA approved for use by both men and women with genetic hair loss.

Kobayashi states, “Propolis is a natural ingredient without any side effects. A combination of propolis and minoxidil may be [very] effective.”

Whilst here at Belgravia we continually see promising regrowth results in clients using our bespoke minoxidil preparations to treat their hair loss, we look forward to the findings of this latest research into the benefits of propolis and will keep you updated here on our blog.

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