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Research Shows Men’s Body Image Affected by Hair Loss

When it comes to body image, media reports and academic work often focus on women but as hair loss affects more men than women, perhaps more attention should be focused on how men are affected mentally and emotionally by baldness. Annabel Chan, a clinical psychology student at Melbourne’s Victoria University, is hoping to bring more awareness of how men view their appearance and bodies.

Don't Turn Your Back on Male Pattern Baldness and Let Hair Loss Affect Your Body Image, It Can Be Prevented if You Take Early Action.Research usually shows that women are generally dissatisfied with their bodies, whereas men tend to be happier with their looks. In a recent interview with The New Paper, Chan, 29, said, “Throughout history, the importance of physical appearance has been highly stressed and valued, especially for women.” However, things seem to be changing. Chan says that recent research strongly suggests that men also experience concerns about their image.
“This pioneering research challenges the idea that body image disturbance affects only women. It suggests that men have slowly succumbed to societal pressures of idealism,” said Ms Chan. Men are now considered to be equally vunerable targets of diet and health related campaigns that have focused on women for decades.

Chan studied men aged 18 to 76 from 43 countries and found they were primarily concerned about their muscularity, height, and baldness. Chan said, “We have relatively little data about the body image of men, because most of the research in this area concentrates on women. It means men don’t really get much help in terms of therapy, and the options out there to get help.” Chan’s results will be published next March in a psychology journal.

While a man’s height may be pretty much unchangeable, he can do something about his build and hair. By keeping fit and getting down the gym, it is possible to work on muscularity. And by being proactive in following a hair care routine, it is also possible to avoid baldness. There are two hair loss treatments that have shown in large scale clinical trials to be effective at stabilising hair loss and restoring lost hair. Propecia and Minoxidil can be tailored to suit an individual and, when combined with the correct Hair Growth Booster, will bring about optimum results.

The majority of men will suffer from Male Pattern Baldness and for many the condition starts when a man is in his 20s or 30s. Rising levels of the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) attack the hair follicles causing hair growth to slow and eventually stop. Taking early action is essential to ensuring the hair maintains a healthy growth cycle.

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