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Remembering Guinter Kahn, Inventor Of Minoxidil

One of the pioneers of medical hair loss treatment, Guinter Kahn has died aged 80. Although the name Guinter Kahn may not be particularly well-known, the invention which made his fortune, Minoxidil, certainly is.

Guinter Kahn - Inventor of Minoxidil Hair Loss TreatmentAs far back as 1973, dermatologist Guinter Kahn was asked by a peer to review the hair growth results being exhibited by patients undergoing treatment with a new, experimental hypertension medication. Working with his colleague Dr. Paul Grant, Kahn examined several patients taking the new medication including a woman who had begun to sprout hair across her whole body. Further tests revealed that everyone administered the drug began to experience new hair growth.

The start of something big

Taking these observations, Kahn and his colleagues began refining the medication to create a topical formula that could be applied directly to the top of the head so that it would be administered exactly where hair was being lost. Eventually they arrived at a formulation which had the right balance of hair growth efficacy with minimal side-effects.

The official formulation was finally approved in 1988 for clinical use by America’s FDA, some 25 years after the first work began on Minoxidil. Today, Minoxidil is also licensed by the MHRA in the UK, and is still the sole clinically-proven medication for female pattern hair loss (male cases can also be treated with Propecia).

Despite ongoing legal disputes over the rights to the formula, for the first time ever men and women affected by genetic hair loss had access to an effective treatment.

Irony in success

Despite discovering an effective treatment for baldness, Dr. Kahn himself displayed a significantly receding hairline. Somewhat ironically the dermatologist was allergic to his own formulation and was never able to use Minoxidil on his own scalp.

Kahn’s experiences with Minoxidil do, however, underscore the importance of seeing a hair loss specialist before commencing any course of treatment. Allergic reactions to Minoxidil are rare, but they can happen. Some people also require different strengths and formulations, or they may be better suited to an alternative course of treatment. A hair loss specialist is able to monitor and adjust an individual’s hair loss treatment programme for best results.

Dr. Kahn’s groundbreaking work into hair loss has been the basis for many of the new treatments available today. As such it is impossible to downplay the impact he has had on the lives of countless thousands of men and women who have benefited from his Minoxidil discovery.

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