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Regaine Foam – How Effective is Regaine Foam for Hair Loss?


Regaine Foam

The active ingredient found in Regaine foam (known in the US as ‘Rogaine’) is minoxidil (5%), which is the same active ingredient and dose, as Regaine’s classic Regaine 5% minoxidil liquid. The only difference between the two, which is also the selling point, is that the form of the new product is a foam or ‘mousse’ as opposed to a liquid. The TV advert features a man spraying some foam on his hand and applying it to an area of thin hair on his crown.

Our initial thoughts about the product are that it won’t in fact be as effective as a liquid minoxidil formulation. If applied correctly, a liquid can be placed directly on the scalp and optimally absorbed. Even if some of the liquid lands on the hair, the laws of gravity will ensure most will drip onto the scalp as required.

With a foam, however, it will be very difficult (almost impossible, in fact) for all of the product to be applied to the scalp and we would imagine the majority would be absorbed by the hair, depending of course on the thickness of the user’s hair. If you observe the TV advert for Regaine Foam, you will notice that when the user applies the foam, none actually seems to reach his scalp, but instead gets absorbed by his hair. Absorption into the hair would be of no use to somebody wishing to prevent thinning hair, as it is required that the product penetrates the scalp in order to reach hair follicles.

An ongoing survey carried out by The Belgravia Centre has found that people who have used Regaine 5% liquid have in fact reported better results than those who have used Regaine 5% Foam. This is likely because of the texture and method of application, as mentioned above.

There are a number of high strength minoxidil formulations available from The Belgravia Centre. To find out more, please contact the clinic.

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